The Union Ares

The Union Ares


Creative, focused, and guitar-driven indie rock with melodic vocals and powerful rhythms. Dynamic/subtle interplay between all three instruments.


The roots of The Union Ares reach back to the demise of guitarist Todd Giles's and bassist Craig Schechter's former band, Kolya, which broke up in October 2001 after recording a full length album for Caulfield Records and completing two US tours. Around this time, Todd began writing songs that didn't fit Kolya's Chicago-meets-DC mathrock formula. His new songs were more driving and melodic. No longer in a band, Todd began to perform his new songs as a solo act around Boston, in clubs like TT the Bears, The Middle East, Skybar, Charlie's Kitchen, and the Abbey Lounge. In fall of 2002, he even embarked on a month-long tour to cities like Chicago, Toronto, Austin, St. Louis, and Philadelphia. As Todd honed his skills as a solo performer, he began to imagine putting together a band to fully realize the songs' potential. Former Kolya bassist Craig Schechter expressed interest, and through a mutual friend, former Victory at Sea drummer Carl Eklof was recruited. Carl played on V@S’s 2002 release “The Good Night” (Kimchee) and toured with the band to support it. In the fall of 2003, the trio began to rehearse in Todd's grandmother's basement in the peaceful village of Hamilton, MA. Using Todd's demo recordings as blueprints, the band began fleshing out arrangements of the songs. The Union Ares's inaugural show as a full band took place in March 2003 at the Middle East in Cambridge. Shows at TT The Bears in April and a recording session in May followed. The Union Ares is no doubt a force to be reckoned with.

In early '05, after a brief flirtation with playing 2nd guitar, Craig left the band to go back to school. Matt Lavonture (x- V's and X's, Garrison, Curse The X-Ray Eyes) joined on bass.

Set List

Usually 8 - 9 songs, about 30 - 35 minutes. No covers.