The Union Choir

The Union Choir

 Newcastle, N Ireland, GBR

Miniature epics. Tight, propulsive pop songs clocking under 4 minutes that mix rich baritone vocals with lush brass and string arrangements.


Hailing mainly from the seaside town of South Shields and surrounding areas, The Union Choir was conceived when songwriter Jon Melvin had the idea of setting up a loose collective featuring like-minded musicians. People dropped in and people dropped out but eventually the ensemble evolved into a nine piece in early 2010.

The band gained a large and loyal following with a series of DIY gigs around the region, even hosting their own show in a local cinema. Early demos created a buzz amongst Music Blogs, and stylistic comparisons were drawn with the National, Elbow and Arcade Fire. Sonic Reverie tipped the band to be huge, going on to write, “with equal measures of majesty and desolation The Union Choir sculpt something a bit special”

An independently released single followed and the band quickly garnered Radio Airplay from Huw Stephens, Tom Robinson BBC Radio 6, XFM, Amazing Radio and Capital FM. Tom Robinson has been a frequent supporter and the DJ collaborated with the group at Newcastle Sound City last year for a live rendition of his smash hit “2-4-6-8 Motorway”

The Union Choir have shared the stage with artists such as The Phantom Band, Echo & The Bunnymen and David McAlmont, also appearing at Sunderland's Split Festival 2011. In April 2012 they will have the pleasure of playing The Sage in Gateshead.

Their first official single, Eleanor, was released on Cottage Industries in August 2011, and quickly sold out. They released their second single, the double A-side Your Melodica/Lavender on 28th January 2012. It sold out on the night of release.


Eleanor; Cottage Industries; August 2011
Scissors & Sellotape; Cottage Industries; October 2011
Your Melodica/Lavender; Cottage Industries; January 2012

All of the tracks, alongside the self released demos of Potemkin, Lifeboat, and Capital have received national and regional BBC Radio airplay alongside play on XFM and Amazing Radio.