the Union Revival

the Union Revival

 Waco, Texas, USA

Vivid Americana storytelling with haunting harmonies and indie-folk acoustic vibes.


The Union Revival is the husband and wife duo of Aaron and Amanda.
They met in a music class in 2003 and got married a year later and began
their journey of creating music and performing. They have traveled and
performed for 13 years all across the USA, Europe and south America.
They have a modern storyteller/folk rock sound with a bit of Americana
vibe. They weave vivid storytelling with haunting melodies, drawing influence for Johnny Cash, Mumford and Sons, Ray LaMontagne, Allison Krause and Patty Griffin.

“The Union Revival brings harmony, melody and beauty together and transforms it into inspiration. Their voices are ethereal, truly an amazing talent in a duo. Their music is unique and refreshing. Their stage presence is high energy and engaging with great audience interaction. If you ever get the chance to hear them, you don’t want to miss these two!”  -The Grape Wine & Bistro

"You guys are incredibly seasoned. Great duo. Perfect harmony. Love to see you in a bigger venue where people are truly immersed in the vocal imagery you both create. Amanda has this minuscule attach ahead of your lines and then drags the back end of the same line so gracefully.  I'm thankful that I had front row center seats for a brief moment. Few possess these gifts in a small Texas town. Must be the water."  -David Feagan, Cogwheel Media.

 “14 years of writing, giging, burning up the roads into the early morning, being rich, being broke, having plenty, and having nothing, married for thirteen years and moving 10 tell the stories of this crazy journey.... And I wouldn't change a minute or a single breath of the journey to HERE."-Aaron, The Union Revival  

Set List

We perform about 85% original music, as well as come covers with our personal spin on them. Artists covered include the likes of: Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Michael Jackson, The Civil Wars, Bob Dillon, Sam Smith, Buddy and July miller, Foy Vance, Lyle Lovett. Acoustic Guitar, 2 vocals, a kick drum and the occasional dobro/mandolin.