The Union Trade

The Union Trade

 San Francisco, California, USA

San Francisco based The Union Trade’s sound lives somewhere between the instrumental rock of bands like Explosions In the Sky, Mogwai and This Will Destroy You and a more vocal driven shoegaze sound.


To date, San Francisco based The Union Trade’s sound has lived somewhere between the instrumental rock sound of bands like Explosions In the Sky, Caspian and This Will Destroy You and a more vocal driven shoegaze sound. On their upcoming sophomore full-length album, “A Place of Long Years”, set for release February 3rd 2015 on Tricycle Records, The Union Trade make a natural progression into the true instrumental post-rock realm they first explored on the track “Everyday Including Holidays” from their debut 2008 LP Everyday Including (Tricycle).

After a nearly three year hiatus following the release of their last studio release, the 2011 EP Why We Need Night, the band began to write again, but this time without a drummer. In this slower, quieter process, the founding trio of Don Joslin, Nate Munger and Eric Salk found space to begin composing what would develop into an entirely instrumental set of songs to be finalized with the singular energy of new drummer Eitan Anzenberg.

The result is A Place of Long Years, a cinematic post-rock album that explores the power of places physical and psychic and the awe of phenomena both mysterious and natural.  With this inspiration The Union Trade have created a collection of diverse and moving soundscapes that remain mostly unpeopled, sometimes achingly so, while they abound with emotions intimate and epic. 

With in-studio contributions from Tricycle labelmates Nate Blaz on Cello (Geographer) and Ann Yu (Silver Swans) hauntingly spare vocals, The Union Trade have made an instrumental statement that stakes out new ground for a band ready to re-emerge into the growing instrumental rock scene.

The new LP, “A Place of Long Years”, was released February 3rd, 2015 via Tricycle Records and available on Limited Edition Vinyl, CD, Digital.


"A Place of Long Years" LP
2015 Tricycle Records
Release Date:  Feb 3rd 2015
Vinyl / Audio CD / Digital Download

1. Mineral King
2. In The Empire of Giants
3. Sailing Stones
4. Drakes Passage
5. Marfa Lights
6. Murmurations
7. Svalbard
8. Strangers and Names
9. Dead Sea Transform

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"Why We Need Night" EP
2011 Tricycle Records
Released Feb 8th 2011

1. Why We Need Night
2. Headlands
3. Hawk vs. Crow
4. This is What Happens
5. Aurelia

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"Everyday Including"  LP
2008 Tricycle Records
This record can be heard on Pandora Radio and Spotify etc...

1. Self Possession
2. Talk
3. Accident Prone
4. For The Resilient
5. Strings Break
6. Upstream
7. The Nights Are Getting Longer
8. Violent and Beautiful
9. Like Minded
10. Crescent
11. Everyday Including Holidays

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"As emotional as it could get, “Everyday Including” is a transcendental album awash in guitar fuzzy logic and hugely catchy triumphs. Simply amazing and simply essential."

– Smother Magazine

"There are elements of shoe-gazing to go with the post-rock, but even this is done in as sonic, maverick style that reminds you of why you loved My Bloody Valentine, early Ride and Spacemen 3"

– The Beat Surrender


"Now The Swell" EP
(2007 Tricycle Records)

Track Listing
1. Strings Break (Single)
2. Violent & Beautiful
3. Hopeless
4. Green Fields

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"Now The Swell is the perfect find for those of us who obsessively pore through music in search of aural enjoyments to add the soundtracks of our lives."

-The Owl Magazine

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