the united

the united



From modest beginnings, greatness can emerge. So opens their story. Childhood friends develop a passion, and follow their dream to Los Angeles. After a development deal with Maverick records forces two of the band members to re-evaluate their goals, the newly streamlined group set out under the banner, Crippled Nation. Staying true to their Memphis roots, they tour the country, with heads held high and a fresh sense of perspective. As success builds after the setback, the time comes to put out a full-length album, 2005s Fortunate Accident. The momentum thrusts the group towards a greater maturity, and garners them an opening spot for Def Leppard. Fueled by an intensity rarely radiated outside of the great blues and jazz pianists, the group once again reaches into their Rock-N-Soul heritage to forge a dynamic future. The time for change has come. Pristine clarity materializes through the stripped down, soul baring lyrics of piano driven rock. Though the calling and creed remain the same, their inventive niche in the world of music belies the trappings of their current title. As the diopsis of young talent transcends the ordinary, four kings of their craft converge to become the future of rock royalty. Surround sound guitars steadied by an iron rhythm section. An un-popping of pop with power. Barricaded love songs, ribald senses of humor, everyday circumstances and moments of clarity. Anthems for those who follow their passion - Triumph Rock.


One Crazy Summer EP-Radio Airplay
Still Standing EP-Radio Airplay
Fortunate Accident LP- Radio Airplay