The United

The United

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We are a jazz and latin trained drummer, a classical and jazz trained bassist, and a blues and folk guitarist. We play renditions of songs that make us feel good, and produce originals that are very personal to us. We might be indie, we might be skiffle, and sometimes we're straight pop. You decide.


Brothers Jesse and Brett Clark have been playing music since they were old enough to hold an instrument, and always dreamed of playing together. After meeting talented guitarist and vocalist Ryan Duquette through a mutual friend, it was obvious that a trio was bound to happen. But life postponed the inevitable for several years until they were brought together by a serendipitous reunion at a friend's wedding (in which Ryan was a groomsman and which Jesse officiated). Things were off to a rocky start - at their first rehearsal, Brett's priceless upright bass literally warped apart and was irreparably damaged, and Ryan's guitar developed a very disruptive buzz. During the first few months (playing with alternate instrumentation), the band contributed part of their earnings to replacing the upright bass and fixing Ryan's guitar, living up to their namesake, "The United." This isn't just a band, its a group of friends - a family - who love what they do. The United draws upon each members strengths and unique musical inspirations, resulting in a show packed with a variety of genres from blues to rock, from pop to folk, and from latin to jazz. The band's original compositions are equally diverse, and often start out as an individual member's lyrics or riff. However, its only a matter of time until collaboration takes over, resulting in a whole greater than the sum of its parts.


The United is, thus far, entirely self produced. They helped a friend move to barter for a mixer, begged family for condenser mics for Christmas, and borrowed a great rehearsal and recording space from a local mortuary. Armed with only their free equipment, free software, and a simple laptop, The United recorded their first tracks - "The Chapel Sessions" - in early January of 2013. They have not been edited or manipulated in any way (other than a bit of compression and trimming to make them a bit more cheap-stereo friendly). The recordings aren't perfect, but they're honest, they're independent, and they're good.