The United Souls

The United Souls


We are an all guy band, and have an interest in new, upbeat, original music. We play our own songs and we want the music to really speak to everyone. When asked our greatest asset, it would have to be our "diversity and originality."


Our band was influenced by the emotional part of our band wanting to make something out of ourselves and make a difference in our community. We think that we stand apart from others because of the originality of our music and the "heart" we put into every song. We got together a few years ago, started just jamming, but out of that we were inspired to do more. Before we knew it we had a unique sound and songs that back it up. We did a few gigs at churches and did a dedication for a church to help them promote the new building they were building. We also won the awards show at the Ritz theatre in Brunswick, Ga. We won the top out of all of the other bands and we got a trophy. The trophy says, "4th Annual Musical Praise-A-Thon, Brunswick Ga. Aug 26, 2006 1st place." We are very proud of that. We were also video taped for TV by Joy-Nite Productions. We also were on 102.5 radio station on Sunday mornings for a while. We live in the boonies of Brantley County Georgia and we just want a chance to make a difference for us and for our children. We have done all of our recording from an old trailer and have done it on simple recording studio that is now almost a relic. We try our best at everything we do and we hope to get a chance to better ourselves. We are also trying to get the money for better equipment.



Set List

Father Forgive Me, Paradise, Never Fade, My Own, Calvary 1 and Calvary 2