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Band Alternative Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos




"Rooted in their love for power-pop, founding members Yu and Sebastian (originally from Tokyo, Japan) create music that’s unique in its range and songwriting skills. Feeling at home in the ecclesiastical setting, this six-piece delivered a palate of jangly pop-hooks, rock sheen, soaring ballads, and solid musicianship in equal measures. With strong vocals and bristling energy, The Universal Moment draws on a myriad of influences with the end result all their own." - Lonely Vagabond


"The Reminder" February 2010



Alternative, Progressive Rock, Rock, Pop

Home town:
Toronto, Canada
Tokyo, Japan

Band Members:
Yu: Vocals, Guitars, Drums
Seb: Vocals, Guitars, Electric Bass, Keyboards, Piano
Ting: Vocals, Electric Bass, Guitars

"The best time in summer music festival is when the sun is going down. That's the best time. That's the kind of music we play. We have pride in our performance. Come see our live show, and we guarantee that you'll know what we mean." - The Universal Moment

The founding members, Yu and Sebastian, are brothers originally from Tokyo, Japan. They were raised in many different places, such as Brussels, Belgium, London, U.K., L.A., California, Houston, Texas, Toronto, Ontario and Tokyo, Japan, constantly being exposed to the cultural diversities of the world. Their such unique experiences and background are still the biggest influences to them. Ting, who soon joined the band, also grew up in several different countries such as Australia, Canada and Taiwan. The brothers have known Ting for more than a decade since high school.

In year 2009, the band members were able to reunite in Tokyo, Japan and finally recorded the first album, "The Reminder". The CD was released by themselves in February 2010 in Toronto, Ontario.

The band says there is no particular music that influences them, as they believe that everything they hear influences them everyday in both good and bad ways. Nonetheless, they appreciate the greatest music created by John Lennon, Kate Bush, Beethoven, Queen, as well as some of the most popular bands in the 90's. They also appreciate art in other forms, like the paintings done by the most amazing painters such as Claude Monet, Gustav Klimt, Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres, El Greco, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Vincent Van Gogh. They love art. In their words they say, "Art, including music, must reflect the joy, the excitement, the true meanings of life. So, our songs have themes or often story lines to achieve that."