The Universal Ninjas

The Universal Ninjas

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

An experimental House band whose sound transcends the musical elements of funk and hip hop by creating what they envision as, "Glam-Funk!".


Not originally from Chicago, The Universal Ninjas have taken chicago’s house sound and created an unconventional world of their own. High-school classmates, Anika Trujillo and Ariel Rogers teamed up back in 2009 and decided to start, The Ninjas. A conversation between the duo describing their all encompassing ‘momma- friendly’ sound led them to add ‘universal’ soon after. The musically self- taught pair fuse spunky guitar riffs and cosmic pulse machine beats with conscious profanity free lyrics to conjure up a sound comparable to the Gorillaz and Gnarls Barkley of house music. With the release of their first EP titled ‘Homemade’ The Universal Ninjas harbor an energetic experimental funk sound unique to house music


Homemade (EP)