The Unknown

The Unknown

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Uplifting Southern Funk,is life the struggles of the projects crime,love and drugs. Southern funk help`s you relate.


Unknown Hip Hop artist and lyricist Unknown at the age of 10 he stated perfecting his talent in Gary Indiana, He seen the bad side of life Crime Drugs and the Struggles of the projects Music is the way he can share his soul about life. Most of us can relate to music and hip hop will help you do just that. He then Relocate to Minneapolis and his focus is at this point is his career killing the street with mix CDs doing open MICS and mix shows conferences and festivals he has open up for artist such as LIL Flipp, U.T.P and CASH MONEY and he also sold 10,000.00 CDS Underground. He is a driven and focused individual seeking to go on the next level teaming up with Elusion Music Group who will help to guide him to make a strong Unknown Hip Hop Artist and Lyricist Unknown at the age of 10,started perfecting his contribution in the music industry and that will come by the way of the NEW CD call 1.0 the BEGENING he has people looking for the new CD in City`s such as ST.Paul, Minneapolis and Indiana looking for the new cd. In the first week out he sold over 3.000.00 cds .He is Motivated in every sense of the word. Look out Hip Hop here we come!!!!


The Begnning 1/15/07 The CD is runing Underground in State such as New Orleans, Minneapolis, and Indiana

Set List

The set is 20 to 40 minute and there are 4songs we Perform.