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Still working on that hot first release.



• (the unknown) that which is unknown: our fear of the unknown. Sometimes the unknown creates a feeling of fear, curiosity, even bliss. Sometimes the unknown precipitates determination; a course of action.

Sometimes the unknown triggers courage, boldness - an adrenaline rush - "brass balls" if you will.

With two large pair, The Unknown have thrust themselves into the public eye with every ounce of forward movement. The resulting explosion has landed squarely on the face of the internet - which is, as we all know, a series of tubes. It is this series of tubes that brings The Unknown to your preferred listening device, providing you with the utmost in quality and aural satisfaction.

The Unknown infuse their own sound and artistic vision into those of artists you may already admire and adore, while crossing genres and (inevitably) boundaries along the way...

With this in mind, it is the decided purpose of The Unknown to promote the uncontrollable urge for you to shake your ass on the dance floor.

This may start with a simple tap of the foot, which then leads to a little hip-swing, and perhaps a head nod or six... after this point, our doctors tell us you should find your legs and torso moving quite freely, generally in a back & forth motion, known as "the hip thrust." An animated flailing of the arms may follow in various forms (see: sprinkler, shopping cart, the Travolta). DO NOT PANIC. This is OK, and is a normal side-effect of getting your groove on. In fact, we encourage you to allow your inner adult film star out - we truly appreciate the entertainment.

Mr. Black and Mr. White converge regularly in various sanctuaries of sound to weave and meld the audio tapestries of The Unknown. These zen sessions will continue to give birth to new levels of appreciable noise - leading to the aforementioned and prescribed ass-shaking.

Stay tuned, and remember - To fly on the wings of dragons, one must first learn The Electric Slide.