The Unnoted

The Unnoted


The Unnoted is a hard rock/grunge band from Milwaukee. They specialize in great, energetic live shows and getting the crowd going. They sound like the love child of Queens of the Stone Age and Anti-Flag with a smart political edge and fast-paced, aggressive tunes.


The Unnoted began in 2003. After a few member changes, they finally settled on the current lineup and began doing shows. The band comes from the glorious Milwaukee, Wisconsin and plays a blend of hard rock, blues, and grunge, forming their own niche with few others in the Milwaukee music scene. They've played such large venues as Vnuk's Lounge, Mad Planet, and Bucketworks, and have just released their debut CD. The Cd begins with a blank canvas, but shortly, a picture of political angst, and artistic lyricism is painted on a background of hard, powerful music. The Unnoted is not just another band, and their songs are not just something you listen to. The Unnoted is an experience, a journey, very much felt on the CD, and even more so live.

You can contact The Unnoted by e-mail at:
or by phone at:
(414) 217-7522


Self-titled Debut Album
"The Mexican One" - streaming through CDBaby on many internet radio sites

Set List

Any song from our CD is fair game

Covers include "Skid Marks" and "Rock and Roll Professionals" by Local H, and "Song for the Dead" by Queens of the Stone Age