the unpronounceable

the unpronounceable


COUNTRIFUNKED JAZZABILLY... a return to the roots of rock & roll. Solid musicianship with plenty of twang, soul, authenticity, and a damned good beat.



They’re the ass-kicking, money-maker-shaking love child of old, new, borrowed, & blue – a long-awaited tribute to those lost years when Elvis sang Hank Williams tunes with Black Sabbath while Duke & Satchmo called out the changes. They call it COUNTRIFUNKED JAZZABILLY, but it’s really just what rock & roll would’ve been if it hadn’t wasted all that time on hairspray.

Grown out of the hinters of Northeastern Pennsyltucky circa 1997, THE UNPRONOUNCEABLE landed on the Greater New York Metropolitan music scene just in time to remind everyone that it’s OK to sing, dance, and spit single-malt bourbon into an open fire. Armed with three guitars, a banjo, a piano, a trap kit and an upright bass fiddle, these four handsome fellows have swapped instruments in front of audiences at such venues as Kenny’s Castaways, The C-Note, Meow Mix, Le Bar Bat, The Pussycat Lounge, Arlene Grocery, CB’s Gallery, The Lizard Lounge, Otto's Shrunken Head, and Makor, as well as a host of northeast universities.

They’ve borrowed the souls of some of rock & roll’s greatest founding members, and the stunning result amazes everyone lucky enough to see them.



Written By: the unpronounceable

shoot my lucky stars
but i am HOMESICK
and i can't see beyond
the concrete of my yard
you would not believe
it happens so quick
now this hand is up
before i've seen my cards

was a time i thought
that there was more to see
much more to see
now i am alone
out on a balcony
my balcony
and i can see myself
a silhouette
against my empty rooms
and all i do is hope
it will be over soon

and city lights are bright
but they just shine right over me
if this is all i've got
i think it is not quite for me

slap my sides and laugh
but i am HOMESICK
and i can't think outside
the confines of the day
empty trails of
cigarettes and matchsticks
and if you lose yourself
there's less to pack away

came a time i thought
the time had come to go
it's time to go
whether i'd be
better off or not
i guess i'll never know
and i can hear myself
a phonograph
stuck on a solemn tune
and all i do is hope
someone comes over soon

and city lights are bright
but they just shine right over me
if this is all i've got
i think it is not quite for me


simultaneous organisms (2000)
Viva Los Beefalos! (2005) - airplay on WLVR and WZZO in the Lehigh Valley (PA); nationwide commercial radio promotion Fall/Winter 2005
Songs For The Long Drive Home (2007) - double live album released last month

Iota (2002)
Live at Lamberton Hall (2002)
Bella Bella Bella (2002)
Elementary Physics (2003)
Live at Binghamton (2003)

Set List

Typical set list is geared toward 45 min or 4-hour shows, depending on the type of show. These days we seem to do mostly 3 hour long sets, about 10-12 songs each. I reckon our typical repertoire of covers spans Black Sabbath to Louis Armstrong to The Beegees, with some good old Americana thrown in for good measure.

House of the Rising Sun (cover)
The Way You Make Me Feel (cover)
Andy's Oxtails
Madly Deeply/St. James Infirmary
Groundhog (cover)
Dream On (cover)
Sad Sack's Lament
Summertime (cover)
Six Eight
Ironman (cover)
Folsom Prison Blues (cover)
Ahh Leah (cover)
Orange Moon
I Don't Think So
Stayin' Alive (cover)
Meet Me in the Morning (cover)
Caledonia (cover)
A Little Me and You
Red Sonja
Don't Mess Around With Jim (cover)
Too Much
Monkey's Got a Big Car Now
Kansas City (cover)
Capable Arms
Big Blue Demon
Drown in My Own Tears (cover)
Kill Myself
Sweet Embraceable You
Body in the Lake
What I Desire
If I