The Unrequitable

The Unrequitable

 Seattle, Washington, USA

I make music with friends, about friends and absences of interaction, dolphins, and life choices, it's made of unhappy hippy friendly tones mixed with folk progressions.


My name is Andrew Geary, I'm From suburban Shoreline WA by way of rural Gig Harbor WA by way of International hub Arlington VA by way of Post communist squalor Bucharest Romania by way of Southern drawl Alabama. My music bares the influence of where I've come to maturity: the Northwest; The Lonely Forest, Nirvana, The Michrophones/Mount Eerie. Other influences are The Raveonettes, Sonic Youth, Nick Drake, Syd Barrett, Beck, Glenn Branca (guitar composer) and The Cure


Vegetarian Gummy Bears

Written By: Andrew Geary

Encapsulated by a theory that doesn't work indefinitely are we
The inevitable short straw won't and can't be me
Newer and better things have we
Ideas of more and more people are these
Good and bad growing exponentially
I won't know when I've caught up fully
By then my confusion will lead to folly
Logic beyond your ability only confuses, frustrates, and harms health
We weren't fast till recently for reasons
The momentum will snap this vertebrae from that
Try explaining inertia and your mastery to a wide concrete structure
I'm sorry man I just saw you going so fast!
In your speed essential for joy
No one likes your loud/fast 2 feet away from them
I just had to ruin your great day
I wanted to take your speed and fun
I needed to platter my life all over your great day
Memories and lungs in chunks on the innocent cars' windshield
Your car is innocent but you use her as a cudgel you fool
I'll stay in here planning any possible escape
Carefully waiting but not as Romantically ideal as it sounds
Forget that day of joy in the next days' discourse and traffic
I want to see you in moonlight
Digging hard ground with fingers, to put your face in, shutting all of it out, just the current hole and you
The moral goes learning to be alone and not lonely,
Get over things too far away to help, the maintenance work stops being doable after a few days drive or more,
And buy the bread but steal the cheese any chance you get


At Behemecoatyl EP - 5 tracks recorded to a 4-track tape deck in December 2010-January 2011, Self released, my friends and pears are the only ones listening to it, they say they like it.

Set List

Enough I-IV-V to Make Anybody Comfortable (2:10)
Go to Mall (4:00)
Pepper (6:00)
Literary Ambitions (2:30)
Elgaroy (:15)
Vegetarian Gummy bears (4:30)
Acoustidouche (1:00)
Post (2:45)