The Unsacred Hearts

The Unsacred Hearts


Experimental bar band. American-styled old-school rock and roll. Riff-happy power trio fronted by one shoutin' drunkard. Weird chords. Songs about airlinebottles, Dylanology and giving up on rock and roll. Recent diversions have included more serene sounds.


The Unsacred Hearts draw from a wide range of influences: formative punk rock, outlaw country, warped '60s blues, Dylan rhymes and gutbucket soul to name a few. These and other musical strands are apparent in Unsacred Hearts music but never supplant the band's own original noise.

The Hearts have been writing, recording and performing since late 2003. Front-man Joe Willie started the group with hometown friends Travis Harrison (drums) and Dave Siegel (guitar) after the dissolving of their previous band for which Joe served as an outboard lyricist. Bassist/vocalist A-Ross spent over a year in the band before joining OK Go. He was replaced in 2005 by S. Andy Bean (also of the Two Man Gentlemen Band).

On stage, the Hearts take audiences on sweaty beer-soaked joy-rides, summoning comparisons to Mitch Ryder, Guided By Voices and vintage Clash. Alongside original tunes, you'll often hear twisted reinterpretations culled from the band's repertoire of cover material. In the studio, the Hearts challenge the limitations of a typical guitar-bass-drums lineup. Their latest album In Defense of Fort Useless displays the use of myriad musical textures, from spare experimental country to the meanest punk.


Point of Pride

Written By: Joe Willie, The Unsacred Hearts

There’s a poet on the corner speaking in hifalutin tongues
of a kid dead in Fallujah. Breath was pouring from his lungs.
People walking by didn’t give a shit. His words shot out but they never hit.
Point of pride cut my side. I was bleeding on the street and I really should have died.
Shot down in a hotel kitchen, shot down on a balcony.
Shot down before the camera for the national TV.
Their hearts stopped fast when the bullets hit, but their souls stole out bit by bit.
Point of pride cut my side. I was bleeding on the street and I really should have died.

Somewhere Deep In NYC

Written By: Joe Willie, The Unsacred Hearts

Cinnamon Nicky had a beer in his hand, trying hard to understand what became of his band, drinking on his pay through a whiskey grin that always got him to the door but never got him in. Nicky wanders out, won’t go home to his bed. Lonely ain’t the word, but it gets in his head. He kicks a stone that stops in front of Arlene’s. Back in ’93 he used to rock that scene. He had the punk rock balls, a little bit of glam. He had the record cats sipping milk from his hand, but then the bass player quit. His father died. He was hard to replace. They played at his place across the river on the Brooklyn side.

There’s cold wind blowing pushing down the Bowery. We had it. We lost it somewhere deep in NYC.

All the time he used to work on new songs, he started drinking instead and sucking on bongs. Then he moved up to junk he’d score in Tompkins Square till he got caught in a sting. It caught him so unaware. He used his phone call, said “Baby please. Cinnamon Nicky is down on his knees.” Lulu got the money that she kept in a jar, but it wasn’t enough so she had to sell Nicky’s old guitar.

Lu was gone by the morning, gone for turquoise skies, sick and tired of the dreams that came on like lies. Now he’s seven months down, no redemption in sight, minimum wage scraping shit off the floors, night after night after night after night.

There’s cold wind blowing pushing down the Bowery. We had it. We lost it somewhere deep in NYC.


Unsacred Hearts
CD EP (SBR01 2004)

Man In Gray/Unsacred Hearts Split 7"
7" vinyl (SBR03 2005)

In Defense of Fort Useless
CD LP (SBR07 2006)

Five Believers
Digital EP (SBR09 2006)

The Honor Bar
CD LP (SBR40 2009)

Set List

Airline Bottles
Plug Me In
Love Comes in Spurts
Secret Dakota Ring/No Chance
King's County
Whiskey in the Fridge
I Was Raised to Be Polite and Kind
Roots and Herbs
Fake Kisses
To Be Alone With You
Pink Angels on Plastic Horses
Coast of Cleveland
Don't Treat Me Like a Stranger
Point of Pride
Somewhere Deep In NYC
Right Around the Corner (Yahky Tahky Ooh Ah)