the unstoppable black clouds

the unstoppable black clouds


Glittering orchestras of strings, synth, and noise lay foundation for the Clouds' particular blend of psychedelic rock. Guitar and keyboard entwine themselves around varied percussion as the music builds and fades, while glittering washes of sonic extremes coalesce with blazing rock energy.


What started as a studio project between singer/songwriter Greggory Ferraira (of The Chainletter) and audio hacker/producer Matt Vears (of Confusion Technology) has given birth to a colorful collection of richly orchestrated bar stool hymns and noisy rock songs. The Unstoppable Black Clouds handcraft psychedelic pop rock songs with a Latin flavor and dark, brooding undertones.

The soon-to-be released album "Worried All The Time" conveys the cold desperation of the winter months and the party energy of the Boston summer. Over the past year they have spent countless hours holed up in the studio as they reacted to the heartbreak and desperation of a brutal year in which they dealt with their own encounters with death, heartbreak, and loss.

Orchestras of strings and synthesizers form a dreamy bed of noise for the complicated guitar interplay and richly layered production that enables Greg to tell us his stories in a cracked, tired whisper that snaps into energetic screaming without a moments notice. All the while the music builds and fades, alternating between glittering washes of noise that pulses in and out almost subconsciously and frenetic distorted energy that threatens to push the song over the edge at any given moment.

No instrument is off limits - pianos, bells, Spanish guitars, brass sections, organs salvaged from street corners, toy accordions, and a wide array of percussive instruments (with a particular love for jingle bells) - The Unstoppable Black Clouds employs everything and anything to accommodate their far reaching musical vision. Matt and Greg have recently hand-picked a group of extremely talented musicians to bring their densely layered sound to life with a high powered and engaging live show, including Craig Parker (of The Chainletter, Wish For Fire) and Jen Martins (of The Chainletter).


"worried all the time" 2007.
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Set List

storm watch
wasting my time
ship in a bottle
with my eyes closed
rain check