Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
BandHip HopR&B

THE UNTAM3D FAMILY is the definition of versatility, energy, and lyrical ability. They set the bar high for other underground acts with a high energy performance backed by high energy music, explosive stage presence, and serious crowd interaction that blows the roof off of any live event.


The group got it's start in early 2010 when several artists under the UNTAM3D ENTERTAINMENT label decided to form a super group called THE UNTAM3D FAMILY.
Talented in every aspect of Hip Hop THE UNTAM3D FAMILY makes music that appeals to every genre of listener, every walk of life and personality.
Originally the group started with six members and over time has dwindled down to the remaining four:

-Lil J
With Each artist bringing their own unique style to the table, THE UNTAM3D FAMILY is a group that is unpredictable, versatile, and compatible in every way to the ever changing genre that is Hip Hop.
While their music is praised by many Colorado locals as well as many other states. Their true expression of their talent is demonstrated on the stage. THE UNTAM3D FAMILY is a live powerhouse and they put on a show that very few of the other local acts can follow, they have established a name for this showmanship, stage presence, and all out energetic insanity that charges their live set bringing many fans out to see them at many of their shows.

THE UNTAM3D FAMILY has made several accomplishments such as:

-Local Radio Play on 96.1 The Beat's local countdown with three songs in the top four slots for several weeks back to back.
-Over 100 shows performed together
-One album already released with literally hundreds of copies in circulation.
-Featured on major industry mixtapes by shadyville and slip n' slide.