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Uprising in the east
published: Tuesday | July 29, 2008
Howard Campbell, Gleaner Writer

The Uprising band

THERE WAS a time in Jamaica's music when playing in a band was cool. But the advent of the computer in the mid-1980s changed the scene and musicians took a backseat to programmers.

There are still some bands around, though most are satisfied just to back artistes on live shows. The Uprising Band out of east Kingston wants to do that and more.

The quintet, which formed in January, 2006, comprises Rashawn McAnuff (drums), Ruel Ashburn (bass), Lloyd Palmer (keyboards), Phillip Porter (guitar) and percussionist Joseph Sutherland. Ashburn, McAnuff, Palmer and Sutherland are original members.

To date, the Uprising Band has played at the Caribbean Culture Fest in Nassau, Bahamas and performed throughout the Caribbean with singer Gyptian. But Ashburn says with several established bands on the local show circuit, the calls have not been flooding in from promoters for their services.

Instead of sitting around and twiddling their thumbs, Ashburn said they decided to take things into their own hands.

"We decided to create our own space and go back to the basics," he told The Gleaner.

Uprising's 'space' is a recording studio at Windward Road in east Kingston where they are currently recording and producing veteran roots singer Prince Alla and aspiring singers Elijah Prophet, Vania, Ishmael McLaw and Matthew McAnuff.

Darren Hamilton, the band's manager, reckons Uprising has recorded close to 100 songs for their Tru Music label. Kingston City and Youthman in The Ghetto, songs by Prince Alla, have been released. Rainy Night in Summer by the Westmoreland-born Prophet, is scheduled to be released in August.

Hamilton believes the Uprising Band has the right chemistry to establish itself as a backing and recording unit, just like in the old days when bands like Now Generation and the Soul Syndicate ruled the bandstand and charts.

"We are trying to keep that unity; live as one, eat as one. Once we have that, we know that will show in the music," he said. - The Sunday Gleaner

"Souljah with a cause' tells Jamaica to smile"

"Jamaica has a right to smile," says conscious artiste Elijah Prophet, who is known for captivating the hearts of fans around the world with his deep reggae lyrics.

Devon Hoggart, who is monikered as Elijah Prophet, and hails from Westmoreland, became part of a band called Soul Vibration, where he was the lead singer flanking one of Jamaica's best drummers, Hugh Malcolm.

In all this, Elijah Prophet decided to venture to Mandeville to live with his uncle, where he heard of a district called New Green, where he met up with Garnett Silk, who was known as 'Bimbo' at the time, alongside Utan Green.

In the early 1990s, Elijah Prophet relocated to Ochi Rios where Silk introduced him to his producer Courtney Cole, who heard his vocals and was pleased and encouraged him to become a member of the Roof Extension Band.

In 1994, the death of Garnett Silk saddened the music fraternity and Elijah who saw him as his mentor. Two years later, Elijah Prophet left the band and after hearing about the Cave Man studio in Kingston, he headed there.

Where Music Begins

After moving to Kingston and visiting the Cave Man studio, Elijah entered the Stone Love talent search where he emerged the winner and received the award for 'Best New Artiste'. He recorded songs like I Can See Dem, Burn Down the Walls of Babylon, War a Gwaan, and Shatter, which drew the attention of the Jamaican people.

Elijah's songs received airplay in Jamaica, Toronto and Canada, and he topped the charts in Toronto, where he was nominated for Best New Reggae Artiste.

In 2002, Elijah caught the interest of the German reggae lovers with another of his track, titled Put People First.

With his conscious lyrics playing locally and internationally, he was in demand by the operators of the German Pow Pow sound system, in which they wanted him to voice dub plates for them.

In 2006, he earned a space to record on the Pow Pow Record label, with songs like Back for Good and Kings of Kings on the album.

Elijah Prophet also collaborated with Luciano and DYCR on their single, Be Friends and Sensemelia.

Elijah is at present under the umbrella of Managing Director Darren Hamilton of DP and B Entertainment Company Limited.

He is working with The Uprising band on his upcoming album, Souljah With A Cause, which features his new single, Smile Jamaica. The video is currently being shot for the song.

"The song is to remind Jamaicans that they have a reason to smile - highlighting the positives of Jamaica, including its culture and beautiful people, in spite of the economic downturn. The violence and screw face should be erased," he commented.
- The Jamaica Star

"The Uprising Band at Black My Story '08"

Hurried end to 'Black My Story'

Mel Cooke, Freelance Writer

When MC Richie B told the few, for a major concert, gathered for 'Black My Story' that "the police have given us about 20 minutes in the venue", it was 5:37 a.m..

And when the police stopped the Ruff Kut Band and Beenie Man put down the microphone to tap dance briefly, it was 10 minutes over the grace period, the audience moving out of the Belvedere Oval, Red Hills, onto the narrow road which effectively became a one-way stream of people and motor vehicles.

There was a moment of indecision before the band was changed for Beenie Man, who alternated snatches of song with Capleton to repeatedly send the audience into a flag-waving frenzy. Richie B announced Chezidek, The Uprising Band still in place. rhythm?"

It was the end to a night that had very little by way of extended performance, Richie Spice and Queen Ifrica being a rare pair who got to do their material justice for a very appreciative audience. Not that they seemed to mind the hurried snatches of songs that were sent their way when 'Black My Story' switched gears from the love song 'Only Conversation' from Lymie Murray going up to 3:00 a.m.


The blast of warmth courtesy of torches from the Rich Rich crew in Red Hills was greatly appreciated by The STAR as Teflon rasped his way to centrestage "holding on to Jah Jah love". His request to Bless Me Jah moved them again, ....

Action Fire joined Hero on God Alone, Hero moving the audience with No Gun No Dung Deh, among others, in a longer showing than those before which went through King Solomon's World and closed with Prayer Time.

Natural Black duly "conquer de bes' a dem, dismantle de res' a dem" and advised all to Think Big. The time factor apparently became an issue, as someone came up to speak in his ear three times, even as he delivered Far From Reality and It Nice, as well as singing for the "nine to five people". Notch from Cayman joined him for a remake of Marley's Easy Skanking, which got the stand and stare treatment.

I-Wayne looked into the Book of Life and introduced Fire Kin, who promised his lady "I will never make you cry" before going back into Living In Love. But it was his burning of nastiness and corruption which also ignited the audience, I-Wayne saying "not even who eat fish a escape."

Lutan Fyah was equally fiery, declaring "Selassie mightier dan dem all", before Queen Ifrica's more extended showing which started on a strong note with "a no everybody a rub" and continued through Born Free and Below The Waist, a pair of youngsters she introduced making their mark.

Mutabaruka handed over MC duties to Richie B as 'Black My Story' went into the Notorious of Turbulence and the ladies grooved along to Richie Spice, before Sugar Minott marked himself as a "sprinter stayer" to an audience which showed its respect if not overwhelming appreciation, before Beenie Man and Capleton.
- The jamaica Star


*Rainy night compilation released on the "TrU Musik" record label , featuring , Elijah Prophet, Admiral Tibet, Eazy Wayne, Lenn Hammond, Fred Locks, Hyh Volume, Vania Colors,Jah Isa, Zacharri.

* 'see and know dem' by Eazy Wayne

*Lenn Hammond
1."take me girl"
2. "gone were the days"

*FRED LOCKS tribute TO the Crown Prince of reggae,
1. silohuette
2. malcolm x

*Songs by Prince Alla :
Kinston city * Youth man in the ghetto* Burning fire

All songs recorded by The Uprising Band and released on the Tru Musik Label.



Uprising signifies defiance and assertiveness in actions to bring forth progressive and positive change amongst humanity. The Uprising Band utilizes music as its medium to harmonize all races, class, and creed spreading the universal message of love and equality. The Uprising Band now presents hypnotic roots, rock, and revolutionary sounds to shake the world, inspire the people and keep them skanking and dancing.

Conceptualized on January 1st 2006, this dynamic and formidable group shown below consists of six diverse members with the versatility to adapt to all musical forms.

Rashawn McAnuff “Black Kush” (drums)
Ruel Ashburn “Pot A Rice” (bass)
Lloyd Palmer “Akinsanya” (keyboards)
Philip Porter “Small Axe” ( guitar)
Jeffrys Graham “Kezsy” (Keyboards)
Joseph Sutherland “Junior” (percussion)

We have gained and continue to command the greatest respect from other artistes. They have confidence in our ability to deliver the diverse musical accompaniment they need. We have become competent and proficient as a result of hard work and wide exposure. Our experience has resulted in a keen ear for adapting to the sounds of different musical genres. Uprising we are!!

We enjoy playing interesting, entertaining, and uplifting music with good musicians and singers. We intend to remain a well-respected band with the ability to do live performances at hotels, shows, concerts, and pageants as well as recording, a band whose shows are unique, entertaining, exciting and appropriate for all ages and venues.

Gyptian, Nitty Kutchie, Marlon Asher in concert,Suriname '08
* Performance with Gyptian, Barbados ’08.
* Performances with D’Angel, Aisha, L.U.S.T. and Delly Ranks at å Up-close and personal Asylum Night Club.
* Performances with Natural Black, I-Wayne, Turbulence, Teflon, Lenn Hammond, Eazy Wayne, Hero, Nesbeth, Jah Thunder, Prophecy, Renegade, Little David, Terry Linen, Fire Passion, Sugar Minott, Stream, Kapri, Bankroft, Lutan Fyah, Notch, Demarco, at Black My Story (Jamaica) ‘08
* Performance with Gyptian in Suriname, ’07.
* Performance with Lady Saw, Prince Alla and Empress at The Village Café, 07
* Performance at the Roots FM stage show (Jamaica) with Prince Alla, Warrior King,
Edi Fitzroy, among others, ’07.
* Performance with Gyptian in Turk and Caicos, ’07.
* Gyptian in concert (three country tour), Martinique, French Guyana, Guadeloupe ’07.
* Caribbean Cultural Fest, Nassau Bahamas ’06.
* Reggae in the Hills, featuring Sugar Minott and friends, Jamaica ‘06
* Performances by PRINCE ALLA, VISION and D’BBLUSHH at the Village Café, The Roof and Weekenz respectively, Jamaica ’06.
* TO-ISIS album launch, Jamaica ’06.
* SMILE JAMAICA TVJ appearance featuring TO-ISIS, Jamaica ’06.


Releasing, the "Rainy night" riddim on the Tru Musik record Label featuring artistes Elijah Prophet, Hyh Volume , Vania Colors, Lenn Hammond, Fred Locks,One Thirld, Admiral Tibet,Easy Wayne, Ishmael Mclaw, and Jah Isa. Additionally we are working on projects with Winston McAnuff, Fred Locks, Empress, Prince Alla and Lenn Hammond.
The World is our stage. Join us!

The Uprising Band