The Uprising

The Uprising

 San Antonio, Texas, USA

A rock band with a new sound that features high energy performances, psychedelic guitar solos, powerful vocals, and a tight groovin' drum and bass. We draw influences from Foo Fighters, Jimi Hendrix, Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, Rival Sons, Incubus and many others. We have worked with established film scorer/producer, Stephen Krause, to release our album entitled 7. We also have a 4 song EP named Sonfire out now!


The Uprising started in June of 2009 with David Arias on guitar and Lorenzo Perez on bass.  The duo would frequently write songs together nearly every week, all without a singer or drummer.  They drew on influences from Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, Incubus, Rage Against the Machine, Rival Sons, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers within their songwriting to evolve into an alternative rock and roll sound.  

After about 3 years of searching for committed musicians, Jonathan Gutierrez was found on drums as well as a singer. Gilbert Rivera answered the call once the band hit its stride and was quickly accepted as the new frontman for The Uprising.  After a year of practice and 100+ shows all around San Antonio, The Uprising released their new album entitled, 7.  The recording was done with established producer and engineer, Stephen Krause, who has done film-scoring work for many Hollywood films including Crash, October Sky, Point Break, Zoolander, Miracle, and many others.  

With the West Coast in sight, they did a short tour to California for the first time in the summer of 2016 and were met with great hospitality in SoCal. When they arrived back they released their 4-track EP Sonfire. After a short hiatus doing a show here and there, they are now working on their next album for the summer of 2017 that will sure to be different from all others with a more progressive sound. The itch of touring is definitely overcoming them as well...


7 - 2014
Sonfire EP - 2016