The Upsiders

The Upsiders


The Upsiders are an energetic Ska Riff/Punk band from Orlando Florida. Taking the best of ska and punk, adding dope drum beats and explosive in your face lyrics, is what The Upsiders have done best.

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Half Way To Crunk (EP) 2005
C.T.H.T.H.T.B (LP) 2006
When Hell Is Full and City Town (off both EP and LP) have been played on Florida radio stations, Rancid Radio and Ska/Punk online streaming stations

Set List

The Upsiders set list features anywhere from 11 to 17 songs that can range from 25 minutes to about an hour. In addition to the original 17 songs the have 2 cover songs: The Romantic's Talking in Your Sleep and The Misfits Die Die Die My Darling. Both are changed to be in the style of The Upsiders.