The Uptights

The Uptights

 Oslo, Oslo County, NOR

The Uptights are three not so young boys adhering to a strict dress code and a lo-fi approach to recording music. Their debut cassette At the Wörthersee Hotel is a sad, eerie affair, owing as much to old radio transmissions and books as to that great independent guitar music tradition.


The Uptights were formed by Øvind Bersvendsen and Andreas W. H. Lindvåg on a cold night in February 2010, after a Japandroids show. Later that evening Andreas struck the first few chords of "Geraldine" and they knew they were onto something. The band had excisted as an idea for a while (the hats, the button-up shirts, the name, the strangeness), but now it became something tangible and exciting. The final pieces fell into place when Andreas Fossheim joined a few months later. "At the Wörthersee Hotel" was recorded during the final months of 2010 at the band's rehearsal space, situated in an old brick warehouse close to Oslo's little river - Akerselva.

The Uptights' characteristic visual expression and sound is a result of an uncanny series of coincidences and combinations. The summer of 2009 Andreas no1 unexpectedly came into possesion of a cassette recorder (bestowed upon him by a seller who wanted to get back at a hard-haggling buyer). Øyvind had bought a polaroid camera off some gypsies around the same time. The second Andreas had just finished graphic designer school upon joining, which gave the band full control of their visuals. He also stumbled upon the title "At the Wörthersee Hotel" in the lyrics to "Norris Wallpaper Inc.", which opened up a wealth of family history, memories and impressions (some true, some ... modified) to Andreas no.1. This strongly coloured songs like "Unfulfilled Promise" and the dictaphone vignettes. A chance encounter with an old friend, Lisa, singing Puccini on a balcony - secretly recorded on dictaphone by Andreas no.1 - led to "Lisa On The Balcony".
It was kind of meant to be.

The Uptights played their first gig alongside shooting stars Deathcrush at a birthday party in 2010. This Christmas they start work on their second tape - "Quit Jazz." The band plans on visiting some Norwegian cities and Berlin (where Andreas no.1 currently lives) in the early months of 2012.


At the Wörthersee Hotel (2011, keepsecretrecords)

«Geraldine» and «Adalbert Schwede» aired on «Bra Trommis» - an important music show at Radio Nova, Oslo's student radio.

Also been played on WSPS 90,3 (New Hampshire) in the US.