The Upwelling

The Upwelling


If you could mix the vastness of Pink Floyd and the synthetic textures of Depeche Mode, you'd have The Upwelling.



An upwelling occurs when cold water from the ocean depths replaces its warmer surface layer. As a result of this unexplained phenomenon, an upwelling has come to mean a “rising”, not unlike the current emergence of the similarly named Brooklyn-based band, the Upwelling.

With roots in New York, D.C., and Boston, the Ingber brothers – Josh (drums) and Ari (vocals and guitar) – grew up playing a menagerie of instruments. They both spent ample time apart musically with Josh playing in Boston bands and Ari tackling the NYC music scene. However, Josh relocated after Ari’s invitation to share in his vision, the Upwelling. According to Josh his younger brother writes essential music: “I had to move, and be a part of it.”

Also invited to take part in the project is Massachusetts native Conor Heffernan. Though the lineup is set as a trio, Conor’s addition to the band can be reasonably understood as the formation of a quartet: While Conor adds the harmonic textures with his hands on the keyboards, he also generates the low-end by playing bass-pedals with his feet.

As a three-piece band, the Upwelling impresses with its full sound. Both the new self-titled EP and the band’s live show project a fullness that overwhelms and enraptures listeners, almost hypnotizing them with crescendos that define the Upwelling sound. The band’s commanding, emotive and intellectual style reference bands like Pink Floyd, the Police and Leonard Cohen.

The raw, heart-wrenchingly honest lyrics of songs such as “Ladder 104” and “American Night” showcase Ari’s ability to suggest spiritual and social overtones while remaining deeply personal. Usually in privacy, Ari spends a lot of time writing in the studio that the band built in the basement of Josh’s apartment. “On the EP, before the first song starts you can hear Ari tripping over a drum stand as he runs to the microphone,” Josh recalls amusingly. “It’s a small studio.”

The band’s self-recorded EP boldly references the forgotten concept albums of the 70’s each song merging seamlessly into the next, traversing time, space, and style. Already, the disc has become celebrated by news critics internationally and the band’s musical peers on, where the Upwelling EP reached a top 1% ranking. Most impressive, the Upwelling was designated as the first unsigned band and first EP ever on Virgin Megastore’s “Virgin Recommends” series. Even without a label, the band was picked up for national distribution by R.O.I.R.

Propelled by their inherent desire to be an incredible live band, the Upwelling surpass their studio effort. As Ari asserts, “the only currency worth anything, is the live experience.”

The Upwelling shared the stage with the likes of VHS or Beta, Rainer Maria, Metric, the Wrens and Rubyhorse. Currently on tour in the U.S., the band will tour the U.K. in the fall.


Self Titled (2004)
1. In Her Arms
2. Sam
3. Murdered By a Big Bomb
4. Ladder 104
5. American Night

Set List

The Upwelling has an hour of strong original material that can be heard on various bootlegs that are streamed on