The Urban Monks

The Urban Monks

 Waterloo, Ontario, CAN

A rich sonic tapestry of catchy hooks and interesting instrumentation. The Urban Monks create an energy on stage that makes the listener helpless to do anything but dance.


The Urban Monks. Deemed to be, at times, “eerily like the Beatles” by CBC Radio, Pete Oldridge, singer and songwriter of The Urban Monks, has never shied away from admitting the foursome are his primary influence. Among his infectious pop riffs and melodies, Oldridge also nods to Bob Dylan, the Beach Boys, Arcade Fire and Spoon. The ’60s influence that is apparent at first listen is accompanied by an eclecticism that makes this band worthwhile. Some songs are upbeat, some quiet, all the while each song seems effortlessly laced with smart lyrics and catchy melodies that make you dance.
After touring Southern Ontario extensively, the Monks released their debut album “The Same Light” in 2008, which shot to the top of university radio charts. Infectious hooks aside, the Monks lyrics are significant enough to warrant at least a second and third listen. Songs like “The Complicated Part” and “All About The $” admonish the pursuit of creature comforts and the pressures of the capitalist machine, while “We Buy Our Cells” and “Let’s Get Up” provide sobering caveats about the long term affects of inaction. The Urban Monks are currently working on their sophmore album.

The Urban Monks were also recently featured on Hamilton, Ontario's radio station Y108's "Get Hammered" program. And also have won the regional stage for Kitchener of The Rock 'N' Roll Challenge for the Spring Music Festival 2011.


The Same Light (2008 LP)

Set List

The Urban Monks cut their teeth in the southern Ontario bar scene and are consequently armed with an incredible number of songs for listener consumption.

Album cuts include:
Familiar Face
All About the $
The River
The Complicated Part
In A Rut
Coffee & Weed
Let's Get Up