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Motion Poetry

Written By: Theurgy

(A yo, Hadda, man, drop something smoove on me man.....yeah, like that)

Don't leave ya mics 'round me/lyrical locksmith, theurgy holds the key/gettin' to the insides/motion poetry with a beat that you can ride/from the front to the back/now you can get with this and you can get with that/like whatever you need/learn to do both cuz I can write and read/and i just get better/grab the alphabet and make some weapons out the letters/cuz i'm a lyrical merks-man/wonderful wordsmith and a mircale worksman/with the old-schoolery, give ya the john blaze and never the tom foolery/cuz I'm a natural/and usually the first one to pull it out the satchel/gotta have what you need/in my case the thing that I need is......./the designer of styles/in my case I just lay tracks like tile/

Chorus :
you can do it/(x4)musically/effortlessly/high velocity/motion poetry

Now, as my mind wonders and i begin to ponder on how this music just won't stop/but rather it continues and travels throughout various venues until eventually somebody receives props/see this hip-hop is more than just music/but it is more integrated into a persons very existence/but from its original conception there was a mass deception that it would not go the distance/but it did/it does/and it always will/as long as a person has a story to tell/tales of struggle and virtue, elation and pain/things that everyone can relate to very, very well/it's in the attitude/the style/the structure of speech/in other words, the way you walk/the way you talk and how you come across when you speak/ does this strike your interest?/if so, this is your invitation to observe the art/so join me, as we explore that which is called, motion poetry

Walk With Me

Written By: Torrey Dooley

Written by: MaddHadda aka Torrey Dooley

(yeah, a little something that's been on my heart, nahsayin, hope y'all feel it)

In my heart I'm feelin' weak I need the strength and support/I try to make it on my own but I'm comin' up short/I'm reachin out to you, cuz I need your help, Lord, I'm finally realizing I can't do it by myself/you say greater is he that resides within me/and I really wanna be who you created me to be/but i don't know if i can/cuz i'm scared to leave my life in the palm of your hand/lord i hope you understand, that it's hard to submit/the controls of my ship/when life is gettin shakey and I'm losing my grip/you say trust in me, have faith and believe/but how can i confide in some one that i can't see/i know that you exist, but why you care about me/when i know there's other people out there in greater need/but then you call my name and say son be strong/stand firm in my word and nothing can go wrong

so can i walk with you, until my feet start to bleed/and talk with you, cuz you don' planted the seed/see you the lord of my life/go head and take the lead/now that i understand that I'm a man in need/so can i walk with you/ cuz you the light of my day/can i talk with you to hear what you gotta say/see i know it's been a while since i kneeled to pray/but i'ma lay down my life right here today

now since the day i let you in, my whole life begin to change/you transformed my mind, now old ways seem strange/i don't get too caught up in the worldly things/squandering my time on selfish games it seems vein/i try to live by ya words but sometimes it's hard to follow/it's the pain that i feel and all the pride i gotta swallow/i ask forgiveness for my sins, but then i turn and transgress/disregard my spirit, submit to my flesh/but you're the lamp to my feet, the light to my path/lord it was you who pulled me thru the hard times in the past/you took me out of the pit and set my feet on the rock/ you helped me find my way in a world that's so lost/you knew the price for my life and yo you paid that cost/that's why i owe you everything so lord here i am/i'm just a man that's been broken/lord, you gotta a brotha open/take my life as a token/lord i was really hopin i could walk


one way, one truth, one life, you sent your only son, for one blood one time/you took me from the dark and brought me into the light/
so i'ma praise the lord Christ for the rest of my life/i seen some mountains high/and i seem some valleys low, long as you walkin by my side, a yo I'm good to go

Lyrical Montage

Written By: Theurgy

we the memo you didn't get/the target you didn't hit/theurgy got the sacred, probably forbidden shit/we the food for hip-hop, cuz the music is famished/ can't understand you niggaz, it's like you speakin in spanish/no sab├ęs, say what? (I know you heard)/nigga can it/you ain't survivin on the island of hip-hop you banished/i make them cats vanish/big dogs steppin in/check the mic 1, 2 and let the games begin/its the game with no players just serious rhyme sayers/we first in this shit, like the rap city mayer/ cuz nowadays, the shit done changed and got strange, the first target audience is now way outta range/so bring it back now boy/ move 'em in a little closer/with some real tite, real nice, flows that make 'em feel right/skillz tight, so hype, theurgy mics pros like/ heatin up the track with some flows that ignite


i keep it rugged, like some 6 month old braids/i remember freestylin like back in the 6th grade/and that was back in 87-88/yeah, if you suckaz need a table on the time that it take/i'm only 2 years younger, don't make the mistake, of thinkin that you dealin with a couple of new jacks/you cats make me sick, and yet you make me laugh/ thinkin that you know the whole when you don't know the half/ i'm holdin this here staff and spittin these here spells/and since LL stopped, I'm rockin these here bells/and i don't lie to clientele when I'm droppin these bars/I keep my rhymes air-tight like fresh out the jar/a yo the pens is on fire, the paper is getting charred/place some bets on the house cuz I'm pullin some hoe cards/hip-hop ambassador representing that real shit/ something half ass rap acts really can't deal with


tight lyrics and beats, we keep in the forefront/like that open sign you keeps in your storefront/ya loco M-A-Double and the hip-hop anchor/hit the green and have a party like that cat Ralph Nader/ah ah, see ya later MC's we keep it movin/Cutty dre is on the track with beats that keep it soothing, we groovin/ we keep it hot, but it's ice cold, like having a bonfire way out in the snow/this means we keep it hot from south to north pole/ if you in a igloo or a million dollar home/we trying to cover the globe with music that got soul/ and this jam here if for all of my people/i said its no equal, its the level ya can't touch/ how you gunna hold the mic with 40 and dutch in each hand?/that's why ya whole style is bland/and we gunna take all of your fans to the hip-hop promised land