The V8 Love Affair

The V8 Love Affair


We are the V8 Love Affair. We play rock music.


The V8 Love Affair isn’t here to get you to vote or to rescue you from self-destruction, but they will inspire you – to get off your ass and rock. Their sound is stick-to-your ribs heavy, but what saves them from falling into any genre is a volatile energy juxtaposed with pop sensibility. V8LA writes songs that make you want to simultaneously smash something and sing along like a number-one fan. It’s not clear which came first, the obsession with rock music, bad girls or muscle cars, but the formula creates a synergy that cannot be denied.

V8LA has honed their skills through live shows, sporadically recording demos to pass around to friends. Their official debut release, Sin All Over the Road, captures the high energy of their live shows complete with snarling guitar, bravado, and at times, a sense of sarcasm. Lyrically, the EP reads like a love note to a GTO, but “Every Time” and “Answering Machine” are true-to-heart love songs as singable as they are memorable.

These four friends grew up together in Virginia Beach, Virginia - bleeding their fingers practicing on whatever equipment they could afford. Their sound is grounded in the classic rock sensibility of bands like Zeppelin and Queen, but drops hints of unpredictable noise reminiscent of Shudder to Think. But how they've evolved beyond inspiration is what makes this original talent your brand new experience.

The V8 Love Affair has enjoyed their role as best-kept local secret, but their music is much too explosive, unique, and irresistible to never leave home.


Debut EP, "Sin All Over the Road" to be released 07.2004

1. Waking the Snake
2. Bring Her Down
3. Everytime
4. Answering Machine
5. V8 Love Affair

Set List

We have over 50 songs to pick and choose from. Our show lengths vary from 3-hour long dual sets to 30 minute quick sets, depending on the show.