The Vibrants

The Vibrants


The Vibrants have been making all the right noises on the live circuit, overwhelming crowds throughout the UK and building a strong following across the world. A recent Canadian tour saw the realization of the bands potential, playing to packed audiences every night..


Those in the know on the London music circuit will have been aware of the The Vibrants for a while now, as the band has continually made a name for themselves by gigging around the country and picking up an army of fans on the way. And the buzz is picking up momentum… the raw and fresh songs, the original lyrics and second-to-none aesthetics gaining them not only one of the biggest unsigned UK fan bases around, but unnatural obsession amongst rock n’ roll fans across the pond.

The passion, balls, melody and attitude of Giles, Sam, Laurie, Steve and James makes everyone who sees them want more. Having gigged solidly through 2005 and early 2006 at some of the country’s most revered venues, the band cranked it up a notch this summer, beating off vast competition in a feverish online voting poll to reach the final of Wanadoo Discoveries and being selected as finalists in the Britbus Tour 2006.

All this preceded the pinnacle of the eager rockers’ career to date – being chosen to perform at the North by NorthEast Festival in Canada. It took a 10-strong team of security to drag the boys back onto the plane at the end of their stay: the reception the band received having reached staggering proportions. Or as front man Giles stuttered upon his return home; “It was like we were famous rock stars, people on the streets had our t-shirts and were shouting our names…”.

There are bands who work hard and there are bands who try and try to create that special something but always fall short of the mark….And then there are bands who make Jagger et al quake in their boots, and for whom the sky is the limit…. Step forward The Vibrants.

“A five piece outfit spraying raw talent liberally…”

….. Say no more.


Digital release via itunes March 06

First official release - September 05.

Set List

This Medicine
Games I Never Played
Hit You Today
Afraid Of The Letters
First Move
The One That Fell
I Wont Sleep (Terrify Me)
Making Things Happen
I Need Ideas
Lift Your Head