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"The Vibrants EP (2006)"

Five piece band from London who join the growing ranks of modern bands steeped in classic rock but add their own twist, like the Answer or Roadstar. Vocally you are reminded at times of Elvis Costello especially on ‘Bullet’, whilst ‘New Way’ takes a Stones like riff and gives it a whole new life.
It is great to see so many new bands coming through that have influences from 70’s and 80’s rock bands but add their own style and sound. Sign ‘em up now Mr record label!

Jason Ritchie
- Get Ready To Rock

"The Vibrants - 4 Track EP"

track listing : bullet, do it for me, new way, beauty

new london band, the vibrants, are currently unsigned, on the strength of this ep, i suspect that this wont be for too long. they dont do anything too new and different, but across these 4 tracks on offer, they do their indie styled pub rock thing bloody well. if this were 1978 i would definitely be checking the record (ok it's a cd - but you get my point) for the glorious stiff records logo, as the songs all recall those pumped up early days of elvis costello, dr feelgood with an added chunk of punked up r-n-b for 'do it for me' that will make a few people wonder if the godfathers are back on the scene. from the start, guitars are nice and solid, drums keep the beat in an up tempo mood, and the excess of hammond organ is just a fine slice of nostalgic icing on the cake. -

"The Vibrants EP (2006)"

Here comes another one...

LFM are proud to draw your attention to The Vibrants, a five piece outfit spraying raw talent liberally from their EP. Bullet kicks off their search for stardom as a belting EP, the title track setting the pace for an upbeat demonstration of what this band can do. Killers sit down, there are some new boys in town, and The Vibrants just told me how to beat Somebody Told Me. How ironic the Bullet challenges the Killers.

Next up Do it for Me sounds like a lesson in great Indie tunes, if there is such thing. Verging on metal in places, this could quite easily be heard echoing around this years festival circuit. And it will probably bring the sun out too.

New Way sits as the penultimate effort on the EP, and is the weakest of the tracks on the diss. Sadly weakest suggests weak, which really isnt fair. Compared to most EPs dropping through our letterbox, this track whoops the ass off most of the title tracks. New Way is, I suspect, a favourite amongst the bands following, it just falls short of the majestic Bullet.

Finally Beauty completes the proof The Vibrants are a versatile presence, with their (admittedly rocking) slushy number.

Prepare yourself, the Vibrants' bullet is on its way.

The EP Bullet from the Vibrants is released on March 14th 2006

Author: Chris
Posted: 22/02/2006 17:24:57 -


Impressive unsigned band The Vibrants strike it alone and release this self financed EP… taking the organ driven soul of early Charlatans and giving it the sort of jumping swagger the Stones used to muster in a heart beat… The bluesy vocals give it a gravelled edge, and although it wont set the world alight, it’ll certainly be an interesting ride with them onboard!

By Jeremy Chick -

"The Vibrants - The Vibrants E.P."

Rarely has a band been so aptly named as The Vibrants as it perfectly
describes the songs on this E.P.

The Rolling Stones and The Who influences are easy to hear in each track as
the London based 5 piece rip through 4 upbeat and uptempo rock tunes loaded
with melody, hooks and crackling energy. 'Bullet' sets the scene perfectly
with its throbbing urgency while 'Do It For Me' ups the ante further in a
sub 3 minute ball of frenzied guitars, Hammond organ, caffeine overdosing
drums and bass, and passionate vocals.

'New Way' and 'Beauty' are shot through with Police style reggae-ish guitars
during the verses while the choruses are lifted up with twitching rock
vibrancy that infuses you with the urge to lift your arms in the air and
dance manically along.

This is stunning introduction to The Vibrants, God only knows what their
live show is like if their recordings are this high octane.

Rating: 8.5/10 -

"The Vibrants EP (2006)"

The Vibrants are an unsigned Indie 5-piece from London who cite their influences as The Who, The Police and The Rolling Stones amongst others. Already in their lifetime they’ve played at such establishments as The Halfmoon and The Astoria. Thankfully they manage to sound significantly different to the majority of the Coldplay and Travis wannabes that are prolific in the market at the moment.

On first listen I wasn’t convinced that the tracks on the EP stood out in the way that some bands and songs have to me but nevertheless I was convinced that there was some very good work here. Yet after a mere five minutes of listening to The Vibrants I’d been won over. It’s contagious! I’d describe them as living on the rock side of Idie, not mournful wailing but bouncy, like a gang of teenagers who are ready to go a bit haywire and run around causing havoc.

The Vibrants manage to sound fresh faced but with experience. The balance of music and vocal is spot on. You can hear the lyrics and the music. Riff and rhythms are plentiful on this four track CD.

Each of the tracks have their own vibe. On the first track, “Bullet”, layers of guitar and backing vocals are built up until it reaches a festival filling crescendo. “New Way” features an excellent introduction with ska off beats and a cheery, funky pace. It just gets better and better.

It’s not often you hear an organ on a pop track but The Vibrants have used one on “Do It For Me” to set it apart from the crowd. About one minute into the song it really kicks off, especially the contagious chorus; very catchy and vibrant as the name suggests. “Beauty” has a greater emphasis on the guitar and the lyrics are great. I love the wistful and charming sentiment of “I see beauty in everyone”. Whilst it’s gushy there is still energy in the music.

This is music made by people who enjoy what they do and don’t have to answer to anyone. Let’s hope that they keep this up when they’re signed, which given the quality of their material shouldn’t be long. You can get hold of their material on iTunes


Posted by vikki on Wed 15 Mar -

"The Vibrants - The Vibrants E.P."

Haircuts are important in music. Just look at the Ziggy Stardust proto-mullet, the Sid Vicious blowfish or even the Michael Bolton mane. And while west London denizens, The Vibrants boast some of the sharpest, most well-tended dos this side of The Rakes, fortunately, there are plenty of compelling tunes to back it up. Across the four tracks here, sharp guitars cross swords with blossoming Hammond to create a sound that’s as colourful and austere as a window box in a council estate.

Take “Bullet”, for example. Searing Editors guitars shear in, only to be offset by a fruity organ and lush harmonies. Suitably oblique lyrics suggest that the “Spanish Inquisition justify my position” as we delve into dirty, sexy pop music. Following that, “Do It For Me” jumps in to start a party with a thundering riff and staccato lyrics. It’s a track that may have once had a pint or two with Elvis Costello’s “Pump It Up”, but nonetheless, there’s no denying that the band’s invitation to “come shake your body with me” sounds more inviting than another night in the Wetherspoons.

The super-energised ska of “New Way” is another supremely glossy portion of late night drama and defiance. Likewise, the more melancholy “Beauty” intones, “baby you can do what you like, it’s alright by me” as stuttering funk feeds into a free-flowing, anthemic chorus. There are enough choppy guitars and furrowed-brow vocals here to link The Vibrants to Bloc Party, Interpol, The Bravery and the rest of the current crop of ‘80s-influenced bands. But the songs are strong, simple and ballsy enough to stand alone. Plus, there are not many people willing to flower-up their Joy Division moodiness with a bit a bit of Beach Boys keyboard action. Dramatic? Yes. Amateur? Definitely not.

by overplay -

"The Vibrants - 4 Track EP"

The Vibrants are an unsigned band, who have been gigging it in every backstreet, toilet and when lucky on a stage. Trying to pick up a fan base has seemed to be a walk in the park compared to gaining a record label. So as what seems to be the norm now an EP to try and get us interested with four tracks. !
‘Bullet’ the first track is a real traditional Rock track, which I would say is a cross between Bon Jovi and U2. The exciting guitar rifts and upbeat chorus just backs the whole song up. The whole arrangements of the guitars are fab. We continue the true Rock with ‘Do It For Me’ and the Husky sounding vocals from Giles Farham gives it that edge. For an unsigned band this is a cracking EP, and is good old-fashioned Rock is your thing then ‘The Vibrants’ are the band for you. I honestly believe that it only a matter of time before this lot get signed up. Just an extra bit for ya, it has a wicked CD case, very impressed!!

Mark Moore -

"The Vibrants EP (2006)"

THE VIBRANTS certainly live up to their name with this single - whacking us full pelt with a fist full of colourful, rich and energetic chaos. It's hard to believe that they are currently still unsigned, but perhaps this is only a matter of time.

The opening track, 'Bullets' (no folks, not a Doppelganger of the Editors hit single) is a great song to drive very fast to. Giving the listener a frenetic sense of urgency that makes your legs twitch. But don't worry, it's not 'Restless Leg Syndrome', you probably just need to go dancing.

Fair enough, The Vibrants aren't massively different from anything else on the circuit, but they are definitely a lot more cheerful, and they really hammer on the Hammonds (which never fail to up the aunty). With high octane guitars, whirling keyboards, urgent vocals, and more hooks n riffs than a fisherman's tackle box, its difficult to see how this band can fall into obscurity.

So roll on their well deserved Fifteen Minutes - although I'm sure they'll probably stick around a little longer...

author: Sian Owen - Whisperin and Hollerin

"The Vibrants - 4 Track EP"

By Steve Rudd
Release Date: March 14th 2006

Quite why this band remains unsigned is one heck of a mystery. Truth is, this London-lounging quintet is more than living up to its name with the blazing-hot brand of garage-trashing rock 'n' roll that is being produced by The Vibrants.

This eponymous EP was recorded at Pete Townsend's Oceanic Studios no less, and The Who is just one band that has inspired The Vibrants in their quest to dominate the British rock 'n' roll scene. These four tracks clearly show us what they're capable of, with opening cut Bullet being a perfectly mixed affair in which the guitar, bass, keyboard and drum parts sound sublimely well-balanced against the passionate vocals.
Do It For Me is another full-throttle blast of riff-based rock, before their New Way worms its way under one's skin courtesy of its unforgettable chorus and the admission that We need a little colour to brighten up the nights!

Having wowed plenty of London audiences through playing shed-loads of gigs down in the capital, at such prestigious venues as the Astoria and the Carling Academy, The Vibrants sound all present, correct - and frankly ready to take on the world. - this is


Digital release via itunes March 06

First official release - September 05.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Those in the know on the London music circuit will have been aware of the The Vibrants for a while now, as the band has continually made a name for themselves by gigging around the country and picking up an army of fans on the way. And the buzz is picking up momentum… the raw and fresh songs, the original lyrics and second-to-none aesthetics gaining them not only one of the biggest unsigned UK fan bases around, but unnatural obsession amongst rock n’ roll fans across the pond.

The passion, balls, melody and attitude of Giles, Sam, Laurie, Steve and James makes everyone who sees them want more. Having gigged solidly through 2005 and early 2006 at some of the country’s most revered venues, the band cranked it up a notch this summer, beating off vast competition in a feverish online voting poll to reach the final of Wanadoo Discoveries and being selected as finalists in the Britbus Tour 2006.

All this preceded the pinnacle of the eager rockers’ career to date – being chosen to perform at the North by NorthEast Festival in Canada. It took a 10-strong team of security to drag the boys back onto the plane at the end of their stay: the reception the band received having reached staggering proportions. Or as front man Giles stuttered upon his return home; “It was like we were famous rock stars, people on the streets had our t-shirts and were shouting our names…”.

There are bands who work hard and there are bands who try and try to create that special something but always fall short of the mark….And then there are bands who make Jagger et al quake in their boots, and for whom the sky is the limit…. Step forward The Vibrants.

“A five piece outfit spraying raw talent liberally…”

….. Say no more.