The Vagrants

The Vagrants


A reviewer described The Vagrants live, "These guys were an epic, arse-off-your-chair wall of sound. Fun as hell." Adam Baidawi - Beat Mag We call ourselves ROCK, and that is a very open genre, and The Vagrants use all the latitude!!!


The Vagrants are always rocking on the road and their journey is always fun, with great music, and electricity in the air. You can feel it in their music.
The Vagrants chose their name from a life on the road and it gives their music its diversity, raw energy, edge and sweet tones. The Vagrants have been gigging for years doing over 500 gigs. The Vagrants music is rock at its finest, and is compared to ACDC, Pink, Black Crows, Janis Joplin, Zeppelin, and Queen. The Vagrants have recently been signed to a world wide publishing deal with Warner Chappel, after a blistering showcase. The Vagrants front woman Renate Ludwig has amazed audiences at hundreds of festivals, international fundraisers, and world-class clubs and venues in Australia, US, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic with her ballsy voice and intense stage presence.


EP - The Vagrants
CD - Accelerated Kharma
CD - Be True
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Set List

Our set list changes every night. We do songs from all 3 of our CD's.