The Vagrants

The Vagrants

 Melbourne, Victoria, AUS
BandRockClassic Rock

"These guys are an epic, arse-off-your-chair wall of sound. Fun as hell." Adam Baidawi - Beat Magazine

The Vagrants have their own genre Party Rock. They prove it every night on stage. The rich diversity of the CDs is brilliant for an intense listen, but get down to the show for some real fun!


What sets The Vagrants apart from all other bands is their great vocalist and front person, Renate Ludwig.
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Renate is the voice that is ringing in your ears as you leave a Vagrants gig! An electrifying front person there is no doubt that your attention will be grabbed by the throat. The biggest thing about Renate is her voice, her frame is tiny and many wonder where the power is coming from. Also playing keys, flute and sax Renate gives The Vagrants their colour.

Steve Iorio grew up in New York. Independence is second nature, his mother died when he was just one, and he fended for himself. Steve is the lead guitarist and main songwriter for The Vagrants. Hiss fluency in English, German, Danish and Spanish make life a little more interesting on the road and help us all in those awkward moments. His years of diverse experience playing, university educated, and influences from Allman Brothers to Green Day have helped to mold the unique sound of the band. Playing acoustic, and electric guitars, keys, harp and doing harmonies and lead vocals keeps him busy.

Aimee Francis on Rhythm Guitar is a star in her own right!!! She also has a great solo career but tours and records with The Vagrants.

Adam Williams and Ben Harrington have used many bands, session playing and touring together to make their rhythm section tight as you can get!! Feel the Groove!!!
See you at the gig!!!


Why Me

Written By: Stephen Iorio

Why Me?
Copyright, Stephen Iorio

You can feel it, when the knive hits the bone
Smell bush fire a long way from home
Driving so fast, you are sure to crash
And you scream

Why me, I can’t believe it
Why me, just didn’t dream it
Why me, I can’t believe it
All the signs around me, I just didn’t see

Silence creeps into your home
Wordless debates, all alone
Where faceless traitors are much worse
In the dark, in the dark


In the darkness, you can hide
But the truth is, behind the lies
Weight of the world, cast aside
You are released from the guilt inside


Read the papers watch TV
It’s always news so you know one day
It could happen to you


The Vagrants (Self Titled 2006) Dist. MGM Distro
The Vagrants (Kharma 2007) MRA Records
The Vagrants (Be True 2009) Blind Beatroot Records, STF Records)
The Vagrants (Live 2010) Blind Beatroot Records

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Set List

Dirty Little Secrets
Accelerated Kharma
Higher Rd
Lets Party
Missed the Bus
You're Gone
Black Rain
We're Gonna Go
Make you Happy
Why Me?
Time Costs Nothing
Hold me Tight
Highway to Hell