The Valentines

The Valentines

 Manchester, England, GBR

There are two voices at the heart of our songs, singing in close harmony. We are writing songs that are commercially accessible. A fresh, unique and simple sound is what we want the listener to experience. We’d like to think that what people take away is a song that breathes honesty.


A duo from a salt mining town in Cheshire called Northwich. In the attic of a garage, they write and record songs they want to hear and would like you to hear too. Inspired mainly by the likes of Crowded House, Simon & Garfunkel, The Beatles, Beach boys amongst other strong melodic groups/songwriters this is home-made cooking. When playing live they like to keep the shows simple and innocent; allowing the songs to tell their stories. With drums strapped to their feet they deliver a genuine and memorable performance.

Mark Armor and Peter Griffin have been writing together and playing with different lineups for the past 8 years before they ventured on to create their current unique pop sound where they have settled with the reassurance of being able to rely on each other. As well as playing European dates they have hopped around the UK gig circuit endlessly and picked up numerous fans whilst doing a sold out tour as main support to Elliot Minor back in 2007. Between them, they certainly have the hunger to get to where they want to go.


A Girl Like You

Written By: Mark Armor / Peter Griffin

I’m thinking ‘bout a girl,
A girl like you
She’s got a lot to say about a lot of things

I’m thinking about her now,
Can’t stop wondering how
It will all turn out
If she has her doubts

Felt a lot of things
I’ve done a lot of thinking
It’s happening again now
Tell me how you feel
How you wanna feel
Right now

Keep thinking about the girl
This girl like you save me with the token on page 23
I’m spinning in the world still thinking about the girl again
Don’t start losing it
Can’t stop losing it

She’s turning the screw
And breaking the news
You don’t wanna lose

Doo do doo do do do do


You Make Me Me - released 2009 (self-distributed)

Set List

Don't Dally Sally
La Stella
You Make Me Me
Don't Pass Me On
Here's The Danger
A Girl Like You