The Valiant Arms

The Valiant Arms


We are a power pop rock band. We like to cover songs by our friends. We like to sing. Some of us are in other bands. Rock!


We have all been playing music around the Pacific Northwest for quite some time. We've become friends over the years and decided to work on a project together covering songs by our friends Jonn and Lisa, that project turned into The Valiant Arms. Voila!


Swallow The Sea - The Songs of The Crabs
Blue Skies and a Clean Getaway

Set List

20 Years, Second Chances, The Gospel, The Archivist, The Devil Who Walks So Unkindly Along, Dizzy, Turning Black, The Flowers of Danang, Victoria, Stem The Tide, Hidden Heaven.
We usually play a 30-45 min set, about 10-12 songs
We do covers by The Crabs, The Band, Cheap Trick & The Cure