The Valley

The Valley


We're a new band from Sydney Australia,


Formed in late October 2004, The Valley comprises of five members, originally from two separate established bands. Members of the two bands joined to fulfil spiritual, personal and musical needs that they could not achieve in their previous bands. An instant spark between the members was present before the first note was even played.

The members then started composing and recording a collection of songs from the heart, five of which appear on this demo, and were recorded in the member’s living rooms. At press time The Valley boys are anticipating with hope and faith that the future holds many tours, releases, and meeting people worldwide, to spread their music, and a positive message.


We have just recorded a 5 track Ep, it isnt released, and we havent made any release plans at this stage. We do have one of the songs off the newly recorded EP up at . We have also put it up at . On these two sites are also some of our demo songs that we recorded in our homes earlier this year(January 2005)

Set List

Our set list normally consists of 7 - 8 songs, we havent played any shows that have needed us to play for longer than 40 Mins. We dont do any cover songs.