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The Valley



For this group of five best friends, the genuine drive and passion they have for the music they create is also translated into their everyday lives. Spend five minutes with any one of the members or see them live and you’ll soon see that is a fact. The Valley's main goal whether it is at their show or through listening to their music is to pass out the message of hope and truth beyond what this world has on offer. Simon French (Vocals) elaborates, "This is what we want to achieve with this band, to see broken lives changed. It's all really about helping people in their struggles and we hope that when they listen, it will only help them prevail." While most of their contemporaries write about lost love, sitting in self pity, and being lost without any help, The Valley touch on similar themes of love, loss, and other issues faced in life, but also carry an underlying message of hope and shows that there can be a light at the end of the tunnel (or road) in times of adversity.

The Valley’s debut EP "A Small Misunderstanding Leads To Disaster" documents this message perfectly throughout each of the five songs. Recorded in 2005 at Mangrove Recording Studios on the picturesque Australian Central Coast with engineer/producer Blair Simmons (One Dollar Short, Sunk Loto), "A Small Misunderstanding Leads To Disaster" will make its mark in the music industry and establish the band as a force with The Valley’s message driven Post-Hardcore that incorporates rock, metal, sweeping melodic flourishes and pop sensibilities. "We’ve worked hard to create an EP of music that we love, and believe that our established fans and new fans will love." Says Shaun (Pretorius - bass) at the time of recording the EP.

Five members (Simon French - Vocals, Tom Muller - Guitar, Pete Campbell - Guitars/Vocals, Shaun Pretorius - Bass, and Tim Glastonbury - Drums) formed The Valley, based in Sydney, Australia, during January 2005 from the ashes of former bands. Not long after forming, The Valley recorded a demo in their home studio, and from there things started taking off. Taking advantage of the role the internet plays in today’s music industry, The Valley placed the demo on their website (, and within days the band had accumulated thousands of friends, thousands of downloads, and even made it into the top of the music artists charts on The music was selling itself, the way honest and passionate music should. Those who heard and latched onto the band early became loyal fans and started spreading the word among friends.

The Valley set out on their first tour in winter 2005, taking in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria, playing to fans who had long been waiting to see them, and making a stack of new ones. The Valley are set to make their first international tour in early 2006 when they head to New Zealand, playing the Parachute Festival main stage (with Anberlin among others) and a New Zealand tour following the festival. The Valley aren’t leaving Australian shores for good though, and will be back on home turf straight after to tour the country non-stop in support of "A Small Misunderstanding Leads To Disaster". By the time May 2006 approaches, The Valley will have already toured over four months of the year already and will have shared stages with Anberlin (USA), Comeback Kid(CAN), Parkway Drive, The Amity Affliction, Through Closed Eyes and countless others. It’s clear The Valley’s message and music is spreading. If you haven’t checked The Valley out yet, consider this an invitation to do so. The Valley’s debut EP "A Small Misunderstanding Leads To Disaster" hit stores February 20, 2006 on Crusade Records/Modern Music through SonyBMG.


Sorry When You're Smiling

Written By: The Valley

Dont say a word, unless it picks up all the pieces
of this shattered glass filled room, there's a better way to escape this place
and close your eyes, until it feels like you're sleeping
it's better when you wake, there's a better way to escape this place

tonight a fever runs through a lie, so this fire will die
and its you that killed the flame
give it up to me and i'll take it
leave control to me and i'll fake it
would you feel ok if i told you i'm empty??

this isn't real what does it take to fake a feel
i feel this running through the sun, a screaming silence has only just begun
is it wrong if i'm spilling ink to scream goodbye to you

how will i say this to you tonight?
when you're standing there yelling at me and i'm feeling so convicted
holding me so tight at my throat you sure look pretty when you let go

it's all for you when it's all said i'm alone
i cant stay here anymore, i loved you, i loved

Voice of Reason

Written By: The Valley

lets find the meaning for this
lets take a vow
to leave a mark a mark that leaves you changed my goodbyes
i only wish that you'd open up your eyes
drown in these words, suffocate to save your life

will you take a breath?
and taste the life that guides you?
or surpass the air
in hope that something will save you

there's a voice of reason swimming in my throat
come tear it out
and watch it free you from the rope
i know we got the answer to lifes tragedy

how many lies must be spoken, until the truth is heard
we will stand for this, we won't back down
because we'll die for this, we're staring into the light


Debut EP " A Small Misunderstanding Leads To Disaster " out Nationally in Australia only 20th February 2006 through Crusade Records/SonyBMG.
Tracks "Sorry When You're Smiling" has radio coverage for 4 stations in New Zealand.