The Valley Downs

The Valley Downs

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Together just a short while, this emerging indie rock band has already played shows in New York, Los Angeles, Nashville & in Liverpool at the world famous Cavern, along with numerous live shows in its hometown,Chicago. Fronted by singer Marianne Shimkus, the band features an eclectic group of songs


There are surprisingly few straightforward power pop bands led by female singer/songwriters. Chicago's Valley Downs buck the trend with their solidly entertaining debut EP, which features Marianne Shimkus' wry lyrics and commanding voice over a set of catchy, occasionally country-tinged guitar pop songs penned by co-leader Mike Galassini. The opening "Drama Queen" probably has the best lyrics, but the record's high point is the simply outstanding "Sorry," a near-perfect three-and-a-half-minute pop song with the most memorable chorus found here...Behemoth is a promising debut. - All Music Guide


Behemoth - CD