The Valley

The Valley


Think like Mudhoney and the Fluid meets Dinosaur Jr and the Stooges, throw in a little Sonic Youth, and they all go and write some infectious pop songs together.


Rich with thick distorted guitars, deep overdriven bass, and heavy duty drumming, The Valley delivers a sonic assault of melodic rock and roll that’s steeped in volume and intensity. Live they unleash energy like a force of nature, surrounding you in sound that you hear and feel. Equal parts guitar fireworks, infectious hooks, and low end rumble, The Valley possess a unique and broad appeal. With two tours of the west coast and the release of their self titled debut record on The Swingline under their belt, The Valley is poised to launch their sonic assault on the masses.


Full length CD - The Valley - self titled 2005
7" Single - The Valley - Marked Star 2003

Radio airplay/streaming on KEXP, KNDD, KGRG, KZSU, WNYU, WBAR, CITR, KCPR, KAOS, KALX, CJSF

Set List

Set list is typically 8-12 songs (sets 30-45 minutes)

-On Swallows Net
-Instant Winter
-Cold Killa'
-Kisses, Hugs, & Prescription Drugs
-Come Down
-Boom Theory
-Death Star Gunner

have been know to cover acts such as The Cure/Black Sabbath/Police to name a few...