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The Vamps

Detroit, Michigan, United States | SELF

Detroit, Michigan, United States | SELF
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"All-female show rocks The Union"

The Vamps, based in Detroit, amazed the crowd at the Union Saturday night for an all-female rock show.
An all-female rock show rocked The Union on Saturday, Nov. 5. The music venue included The Vamps, a five-girl blues band, and Athens rockers General Stacks and The Loaded Revulvas.
"We do not sound like some shitty, run-of-the mill, look-at-me-I'm-pretty, all-girl band," say the Vamps on their MySpace web page. Their sound may oddly remind you of the morning after a night-on-the-town when you know you should feel rugged and hung over, but instead the adrenaline from the previous night is still pumping through your veins.
General Stacks started the show with the single "Nobleman of the Sea", which could be heard outside. Upon entering the bar, you are struck by the riveting harmonies of the band and the power of lead singer Liz Pahl's voice.
Although they emanate a great amount of sex appeal, General Stacks supersede their image with substance and originality. Their polished sound exudes the rough-cut quality of many new bands, and the crowd loved it. The band's fascination with wizards and anything marine life-related might help explain the fluidity in their music.
After General Stacks played, The Loaded Revulvas, a classic punk rock band, took the stage. As their name implies, these are three gutsy gals. The band consists of lead singer Cara Chatfield, guitarist Kari Smith, bassist Chandra Trembly and drummer Jessica Street, all of Athens. They were the hardcore act that night with songs about serial killers and ex-boyfriends.
Chatfield juggled a Bud Light and a cigarette in one hand and the microphone in the other as she sang her prolific lyrics. After spitting on the stage, Chatfield smiled and joked with the crowd. After her pals gave her another shot, she began singing again.
At one point during the show, the instruments were turned down low enough to hear Chatfield's voice change from powerful grunts to melodic waves.
Based in Detroit, The Vamps have taken both garage rock baristas and Motown main streets by storm. A relatively new band, they are now beginning to record their first album and tour more extensively. The Vamps include lead vocalist Rebecca, Robin on lead guitar, guitarist Annette, Melody on bass and Sarah on drums.
Lead singer Rebecca commanded the stage as the sultry momma of the group. The friendly gestures she shared with the other members of the band seemed to reassure them of her admiration. As she sang, Rebecca's body contorted into different positions, yet somehow still appeared graceful.
Perhaps the most enticing and interactive point of the performance was when Rebecca asked if she could sing a cappella. The audience cheered their approval as she began singing the classic Janis Joplin number "Mercedes Benz." The crowd began clapping and singing along. The girls from General Stacks and The Loaded Revulvas looked mesmorized as they stood and banged their heads toward the edge of the stage.
Pahl gazed behind her at the audience as if to say, "I told you these chicks rock!" Smith shouted words of praise as she watched lead guitarist Robin masterfully play blues and rock solo work.
An all-female rock show was refreshing and liberating and the bands showed that being pretty and female isn't all that gains them attention. What makes them really stand out is the quality of their music, which causes even the toughest guys in the crowd to start banging their heads to the beat.
- Speakesy Magazine

"The Vamps explode onto the stage while Lez Zeppelin brings back the memories"

After a 3 month break The Vamps returned to the stage with an energy packed performance that left the crowd begging for more. Their all original songs are instant hits and make you question if you're listening to a classic cover song -nope, they just sound that good. At one point the powerful vocals from lead singer Rebecca were serenaded into the ear of one young viewer while the crowd eavesdropped via the microphone. When she was finished, the guys surrounding the area were left asking "how did he get so lucky?"

Powerful and passionate, The Vamps put on a performance full of energy that made the wall hugging fans of the next band stand up, dance and scream.

How does a Led Zeppelin cover band comprised of female musicians pull off a night without angering die hard Zeppelin fans? You have a set list that takes you on a roller coaster ride for the night. You have a guitarist play in a way most have only seen on TV. You pull out all the stops and give a performance in a small venue that blows their minds. Lez Zeppelin plays Led Zeppelin like it should be: it rocks so hard you feel it in your soul.

When the night was over, the lights came up and the music stopped -but the crowd kept talking about what a night it was. Fans of both bands became fans of the other band. Present met past; and the music wrote the future.

The Vamps (Rock/Blues):

Lez Zeppelin (Classic Rock):


Currently recording our first full length.



A brother, a sister and two nurses walk into a bar... But all jokes aside The Vamps are as diverse as their day jobs blending a mix of blues rock, pop and mid western garage to their music. The Vamps are based out of Detroit, Mi. and are currently recording their first full length album to be released in September.