The Vangos

The Vangos


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Long Live Grunge


Monster's We've Become

Written By: Vanessa Gonzalez & Adrian Lopez

everyday is going to bring out a brand new trial
(try) looking at it thru the eyes, the eyes of a chile
take the lessons that you want and turn them into a
way of living where you're gonna, gonna get far

the sky so high the streets so wide the buildings are so big
every visit is a new world that hadn't exist
take a walk and look around and tell me what you see
could very well be your own destiny

it just might be
another road to go down
another role to fill
yet you already realized

close your eyes and see yourself fly thru the air
every wonder why nobody ever seems to care
its cause their at home w/ their block static tvs
channel surfin' never ending till their brains bleed


Look at the monsters we've become
fighting every war that can't be won
leaders think their right, but their wrong
soldiers dying now but for how long

Feeding off the poor, the dumb, the young,
the shun, the kin of all to come
if you're not living, then you're dead
but you're not dead, you're not dead