Vanguard Villains

Vanguard Villains

 New York City, New York, USA

Audacious, huge sounds, acrobatic guitars: Vanguard Villains clearly stand apart from their indie-rock colleagues. The band are in their element when playing intense rock on a big stage---or when playing a stripped-down acoustic set with classical instruments.


Vanguard Villains formed in 2009, when singer/guitarist Neil S. Matharoo linked up with drummer Steve Faller. After a few duo gigs, they recruited classically-trained bassist Marissa Arciola, and soon they released a self-produced full-length album. The band have been receiving a great deal of positive press for their work, with features in many US and international rock blogs and review websites.

Along with the media attention, the band has developed a sizable fan-base, owing in part to their energetic live performances.

Each band member comes from vastly different musical backgrounds and influences, which results in a unique sound. It's easily apparent upon first listen that this is not another "me, too" indie group.


Vanguard Villains (self-titled), released April 2010. The album has been put into rotation at many internet radio and college radio stations, such as KALX (Univ of California), Insomnia Radio (UK), and RadioSpin (Italy).

Set List

1. Admire
2. Insidious
3. Give It Up
4. I Could Save The Day
5. Zombie Lips
6. Life Howling
7. Music For Vampires
8. Shade
9. Fade