The Vanish

The Vanish


The Vanish exploded onto the indie blog scene in 2009, leading to their signing to UK Label, Eye Industries. Their unique blend of post-punk and electronic beats has led to international coverage and radio-play. Think The Clash meet Duran Duran.


" hot tip for 2009 blog domination. The Vanish straddle the gap between Grafton Primary’s bright posturing and the Midnight Juggernauts’ dusky theatrics.. all wrapped up in a “Cold Youth” t-shirt." - Electrorash (blog)


Current tracks on airplay: 'Hold On', 'Children of the Night', and 'Heartbeat'

Set List

Can either play a live set (with third member as drummer) or DJ set. Our live set is up to ten songs (around 45 mins) and our DJ set up to two hours.