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The Vansaders

Asbury Park, NJ | INDIE

Asbury Park, NJ | INDIE
Band Americana Punk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Song of the Day: End of the Line"

People send us a lot of music and most of it makes us wish we were born without ears, or at very minimum, had them burned off in a horrible grease fire. But once in a while, someone send us something not terrible and it restores our faith in music for at least 3 minutes or until we get a press release about another Blink-182 side project. So here’s something we got and didn’t hate by Brooklyn’s own The Vansaders. -

"The Vansaders"

We at Twangville get a lot — and I mean a lot — of emails from bands, labels and publicists promoting new artists and releases. It’s hard to say what will catch our eyes or ears from among them but occasionally an email randomly does and we are rewarded with a musical discovery. Such was the case with New York City’s The Vansaders.

The ep opens with the raucous “End of the Line.” A ramshackle blast of organ and percussion shoots right out of the gate before a more relaxed electric guitar takes charge. The tone is decidedly punk country as the band rips into the chorus, “it’s the end of the line, boy, end of the line, where all your hopes and dreams they leave you behind.”

“Revelry” revs things up, a fist-pumping anthem awash in harmonized vocals. “Highway to the Sun” plays a bit more to the rock, dare I say even pop, side. The song has the catchiest melody of the lot and is ripe for a sing-along.

“The Ballad of Jeny & Steve” takes a typical tale of two lovers moving in together and introduces a dog into the mix. “You moved in that fall, then came the dog, just two kids playing house, messing around without a care in the world,” croons singer Doug Vansader. Things go south quickly, however, as the dog becomes a menace. “Now the only time we speak is to fight about that beast, I’m telling you for the last time it’s Roxy or me.” Ah, young love.

These guys get to the point. Most of the songs clock in at less than three minutes. They make every second count, though, packing their songs with a whiskey-soaked fervor. Think Green Day if they grew up in the South and were raised on a steady diet of Johnny Cash.

I don’t recall what made me click the link to hear their music but I’m damn glad that I did.


"Stuck in New York City" - Debut Full Length out June 15th on Killing Horse Records



With songs rooted in the classic style of country pioneers such as Johnny Cash and George Jones then ignited by a rhythm section raised on bands like The Clash and Bad Religion, The Vansaders deliver high spirited tales of life in New York City. The band has a full length recorded set for release Summer 2013 on Killing Horse Records (
The Vansaders came about from a couple seasoned punk musicians who caught a chance acoustic performance by a 22-year-old folk singer in early 2011.

That night they watched their future band mate rip through a set of originals and covers with more piss and vinegar than they had seen in years. After ending his set with a break neck version of "Age Like Wine" by country artist Todd Snider (now a crowd favorite at their live shows), they made their introductions, quickly recruited their new front man, and formed The Vansaders.

Within the past year the band has continued to play for growing?crowds, including recently a sold out headlining show at the Mercury Lounge in NYC.

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