The Varmints

The Varmints


The Varmints are a three-piece psychedelic rock and roll band. Our goal ultimately is to revive purity and emotionalism back into rock music as a whole. We play it all. From heavy metal to soft trip rock and are not scared of playing instrumentally and promise to make sure you get your dollars worth


The current lineup of the Varmints has been together for three months after replacing Danny Morrison(Bassist on "Lucid Hallucination") with Nick Perich. However, miles and zach have played with eachother for over 4years replacing numerous bassists. The Varmints' music consists of hard and soft rock fused with psychedelia and some metal. Our bread and butter is playing live. We will play anytime anywhere for any price as long as there are people present. We write about love, life, death, and mind expansion. Influences include: The Beatles, Black Sabbath, The Doors, The Meat Puppets, Strawberry Alarm Clock Metallica, the Jefferson Airplane, Nirvana and many more. What sets us apart from most bands out there is that we arent riding the screamo puss-rock bandwagon. We dont usually play covers because we have so much of our own material. We actually know how to play our instruments and can make more sound than most power trios.


Love Pony 2006
Lucid Hallucination 2008
Still the Czar single 2008
New Record november 2008

Set List

Red Rum- 6:00
Fred Green- 4:00
Still the Czar-13:00
Evil Eye-9:30
Lucid Hallucination-8:30
Sleep Forever-4:00
Wicked Woman-5:00
Here to stay-7:00
Purple Horse- 5:30
Worthless earth- 6:30
Wear and Tear- 7:00
We typically play an hour long set consisting of any of the above. We are sometimes asked to play two-one hour long sets. If we do perform a cover its either the doors' l.a. woman, Stand by me by benny king, machine gun by jimi hendrix, or beatles songs.