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"Album Review"

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Album Review, Kalgoorlie Miner

Album: Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside
Artist: The Vasco Era
Reviewer: Alicia Bridges

Renowned for live performances bursting with energy, splattered with blood from overexertions and impressive regardless of the previous evening's antics, The Vasco Era could have had trouble transferring such intense animation from the stage to the studio.

However, the bluesy rock band's very long-awaited debut album Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside, preceded by a number of EPs, throws out as much excitement and pleasure as possible without the obvious atmosphere created in a live venue.

The Vasco Era's ballads, particularly When We Tried To Party To Forget About It, ooze unbearably addictive passion, requiring only simple lyrics and pained but uniquely brilliant vocals to inspire emotion.

Honey Bee, another highlight, delivers a recurring burst of reverberation before exploding into a howling romantic dedication.

Sid O'Neil sounds as though he smokes a thousand cigarettes each night to rasp down his vocal chords and the collection of songs, each named after the situation that inspired it, are equally as raw.

I love this band's live show so much I was terrified of listening to the album for fear it might disappoint, but where was my faith?

The Vasco Era are not over-produced, never boring and most of all, never, ever lacking heart.

This is music that stretches to highest and lowest emotional extremes, with thumping, heavy fun to fill anyone with the greatest musical high.
- Kalgoorlie Miner

"The Vasco Era"

"Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside" rolls out a swaggering set of infectious, angular rock & roll, quite a contrast to the Vasco Era's previous EP "Miles", and a long was from the radio friendly pop-rock that the bands record label was apparently hoping for.

A concept album of sorts -all the songs are about the life experience of growing up in Victoria's Apollo Bay- "...Seaside" carries on some of the bluesy undertones of "Miles", but rather than let the vibe sit safely, this time round the band tear it to shreds, adding bile, bite and a few surprise twists to their solid radio sounding sensibility. Yep, radio will probably reject it, but that's not always a bad thing.
-Dan Lanader - Rolling Stone May 07

"The Vasco Era"

“…these guys pretty much grabbed me by the shoulders, gave me a quick kick in the balls, and blew me away. How do you spell talent? V-a-s-c-o-e-r-a. They played a White Stripes medley better than the White Stripes!”
- Beat Magazine (Jaymz Clements)

"The Vasco Era"

"In the tradition of Ohio's The Black Keys and Detroit’s The White Stripes, Melbourne now has a scrawny white boy blues group to call its own".

- Melbourne's MX paper (Liam Houlihan)

"The Vasco Era"

“…the most raw, energetic, and thoroughly riveting music I’ve heard in ages.” - The Mercury / ABC Radio (Tim Cox)

"Praise for Vasco and the album "Lucille" 2010"

4 Stars
Rolling Stone

Lucille is a wayward marvel: a collection of bleary-eyed ballads, bluesy laments and raw, bleeding rock tunes. 4 ½ Stars
Marie Claire

The Vasco Era are without a doubt one of the best live bands, ever!
DB Magazine

Utter Brilliance, they are, in one word, perfection.
Beat Magazine

Lucille offers up a whole new 'Era. 5 Stars
Time Out Sydney

This album is simply a gem. 4 ½ Stars
- Various


LP "Lucille" released by Universal Australia (Mar '10)
LP "Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside" released by Universal Australia (May '07)
EP "Miles" released by Era Records and distributed by Universal Music Australia (Apr '05)



Hailing from Australia's Victorian coastal town of Apollo Bay, Michael Fitzgerald (drums) and brothers Sid ONeil (vocals, guitar, percussion) and Ted ONeil (bass, backing vocals) still in their teens formed The Vasco Era in 2002. The trio felt an instant musical and live chemistry spurring exciting local performances that were soon packed houses with the crowd feeling the dynamic intensity of their live shows, most recently culminating in large outdoor performances at the Falls Festival, East and West Coast Blues & Roots Festival, St. Kilda Music Festival, Melbourne International Music Festival, Apollo Bay Music Festival and The Big Day Out. The Vasco Era continue to build their fan base and live touring history performing with such artists as Wolfmother, The Black Keys, The Violent Femmes, Evermore and The Zutons.

Of The Vasco Eras live show - Melbournes Beat Magazine writes The pure unadulterated joy inherent in Vasco Era stems from the sweetly frenetic stomping blues-rock howl of pure pent up malevolent passion...complete and utter brilliance. They are, in one word, perfection.

In 2005 on Era Records, The Vasco Era independently released their EP Miles described as, One of the releases of the year. A perfect combination...which easily sets itself apart from the field.

...intense and bluesy in the recent tradition of The White Stripes and The Black Keys. The sweet demeanour and puppy dog eyes of the lead singer seem at odds with the tortured wails he lets out while singing. -

the most raw, energetic, and thoroughly riveting music Ive heard in ages. - The Mercury/ABC Radio

The upcoming year is set to be one of the biggest so far for The Vasco Era with a debut full length album slotted for a worldwide release following an international tour embarking in July taking them to the United States and as a special guest in the UK supporting Wolfmother then back home to continue on with Australian rock legends You Am I.

Preparing for their impending recording of the new album Ted states Were coming back to more of what we love - a raw, rock dynamic and feel. We want to play music that we enjoy and make the live show as fun, energetic and great as possible. The live show has driven a lot of the writing and we want to make the album as close to the experience of that live show as possible."

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