The Vaseline Rats

The Vaseline Rats


The band has been described by Fireworks magazine as ‘the newest supergroup to hail from the UK’. Other journalists have said The Vaseline Rats are a ‘full throttle head on collision between Thin Lizzy and T-Rex!’ When asked, the band just says ‘The V-Rats are just dirty funky metal!’


Origins Of The Species

The Vaseline Rats have been described by Fireworks magazine as the newest ‘super group’ to hail from The UK! The Vaseline Rats was put together around Pete MZ Emms as a vehicle to record and perform new material. However, after performing and recording with such artists as Dave Holland (Trapeze/ Judas Priest) John Lingwood (Manfred Mann) John Brooks (The Charlatans) Pete MZ Emms wanted a band that knew their chops and recruited accordingly.
Between them, the entire band has an amazing pedigree of both session and solo work.

‘A question that is asked all the time is “where did you get the name The Vaseline Rats?”

‘Well, some years ago after leaving one of my old bands A.N.D. I was going round auditioning for bands and looking for personnel to start a new band. I was struggling for a name of my new band when a couple ‘incidents’ happened and fate kinda took over. I’d been harassing a couple of management teams in London one of them being Simon Napier Bell and former Deep Purple and Whitesnake manager John Coletta.
I didn’t see John Coletta for a while, but he was more than surprised to see me at a private party I’d used my ‘initiative’ to get in to. John’s words were “Bloody hell MZ! You can get in to places a Vaseline rat couldn’t get!” So the name kinda stuck.

Since 2004 The V-Rats have raised their musicianship in spectacular fashion as the live 'back bone' for a tours of the United States as part of a celebration of 20 years of 'New Wave Of British Heavy Metal' with Al Atkins (Judas Priest), Jess Cox (Tygers Of Pan Tang) and Dennis Stratton (Iron Maiden, Praying Mantis). The Band in the States was billed alongside Testament, Obituary and Ice T among other top artists.
Following on from the success of the tour, the V-Rats were asked to continue as the foundation for a series of further live shows in the US and Europe.

The V-Rats spent much of 2006 being drafted in to complete the new album ‘Demon Deceiver’ for ex Judas Priest vocalist Alan Atkins that also featured legendry Midlands band Diamond Head guitarist Brian Tattler as well as Simon Lees of Budgie.

The Vaseline Rats continued into the 2007 establishing their place as a vibrant and relevant live act. They continue to work on their new album with their current EP available on Apples iTunes as well as garnering enormous airplay and exposure worldwide.

Going into 2008, The V-Rats continue to receive encouraging responses from all quarters of the industry and have won high profile endorsements from Spector Bass Guitars NYC, Moser Custom Guitars LA, Ashdown and Marshall Amplification UK with Pete MZ Emms being a regular visitor to the prestigious NAMM show in California to conduct bass clinics and workshops.

With an amazing line up, completion of the new album and live work to support its release, everything is in place to be ‘the year of the rat’.

'Soli Deo Gloria'



Written By: Pete MZ Emms

That was then but this is now
I’m through with you sacred cow
Fifty ways to leave your lover
Fifty ways to show your colours

Just a lizard on a diamond leash,
Running and searching to find release
You keep it real but do you feel
Treat it like one of your deals

C’mon Lisa, you got my number
Are you the one to stop me going under?

I always pictured it would be like this
A taste a touch a feel a kiss
Its your decision leave it up to you
But maybe you could help me see it through


The V-Rats EP released in 2007 as a 'taster' before the album launch in 2008 and is available on Apple iTunes.
The new album 'Inteligent Design' is due for release in June 2008 and will feature original artwork by world renown artist Rodney Mathews.
However, the band between them have dozens of album credits to their name!

Set List

Sets can range between thirty minutes for support slots to an hour as headline act.

Current set list:

No Good For Me

Dirty Little Secret

'et al'

Know Definition


Point Of No Return

Blood Demons and Whiskey

All The Ones

South Of My Heart

Come Together Voodoo Chile