the v-cious

the v-cious


French Riviera Rock band, in a city call Nice, closed from Mars!


The V-Cious line up for 2009 as followed, Looping (Lead singer), Sky (Guitar), Lukkos (Bass), and
Zez (Drummer).

Lyrical perversion running through the veins like a mind-blowing fix of uncompromissing
punk-rock music, shaking up your senses.
Post-anarchist and pro-revolutionnary, The V-Cious get the masses high with exhilarating shows,
The V-Cious experiment begins where the politically correct ends, showing off a faith-restoring
fuck-up attitude.
Unlike current tendancies, The V-Cious is authentically rock'n'roll delivering an addictive new
material loaded with gob-smashing tunes.


Last Ep "Chaleur Humaine" 2009, Zimbalam Distribution (Believe)
3 eps in 2004/2005/2007
Streaming on Rock one Radio, Virgin Radio.

Set List

No covers, we play 45 minutes or 60, about 15 titles, meddley from 2004 to 2009.