The Veda Rays

The Veda Rays

 New York City, New York, USA

The Veda Rays are a Brooklyn based Indie Rock band w Dark & psychedelic undertones throughout, Cinematic & compelling!


The Veda Rays are an indie band currently based out of Brooklyn, New York consisting of Jim Stark, Jason Gates, Tyson Reed Frawley and Jimmy Jenkins. Combining elements of post-punk, art rock and experimental, the group’s sound is further characterized by the visceral rush of garage simmering just atop the surface of their narcotic noise-pop sheen. David Weiss, writer for The Deli magazine and founder/editor of says,”The Veda Rays are a darkly inspiring spiral galaxy I get immersed in. This is art rock for a tougher crowd.”

The band has set the release date of September 6th for its first full-length album entitled Gamma Rays Galaxy Rays Veda Rays. The album documents the beginnings of the bands sound as Stark and company stake their collective flag in the ground of many of their early influences from the dark psych leanings of tracks like Our Ford, Just Dust and Honey Pot to the epic nu-gaze granduer of Ellipsis, This Time Tomorrow and All Your Pretty Fates. Other notable items of interest include an appearance by guitar wizard Juan Montoya on the moody, cinematic Deleted, a remix of the track All Your Pretty Fates by legendary DJ/ electronic producer Scott Hardkiss, an EP’s worth of remixes by new electronic extrordinaires Light Lines, and a TVR remix of the Bloody Panda track Hashira, also due out in the coming months.

The Veda Rays began in late 2008 when Stark and Gates, who had been hatching plans, playing gigs and making 4-track recordings since grade school, resumed their collaboration via long-distance after a several year span of inactivity. In 2009 when Frawley, whom they had known from their early days in South Florida’s infamous underground scene, entered back into the band’s collective orbit and christened them with The Veda Rays moniker, the lads reconvened to once again undertake serious work. Stark joined Frawley in Atlanta, GA and the two began traveling to NYC where they would meet with Gates for what would become the Gamma Rays rehearsal and recording sessions. In November of 2010 while mixing their record at Dubway Studios NYC Stark and Gates met guitarist Jimmy Jenkins who came into the fold soon after.

May 10th saw The Veda Rays play their first show in Williamsburg Brooklyn. The rest of the year will see them playing more shows, putting out Gamma Rays Galaxy Rays Veda Rays on their own Alleged Records imprint, and woodshedding away at their remote Pennsylvania hideaway a few hours from NYC. The band will be recording tracks for their next record as well as fine tuning their live set, with an eye toward the road and a couple east coast dates sometime later this year. For now tracks can be heard at www.the and the inside word can be taken from people like seminal NY recording artist/ songwriter/ producer Richard Barone

“The Veda Rays create a densely melodic, primal psycho-glam tech rock phantasmagoria that will have you turned inside out the moment they strike their first chord. And that is only the beginning. To future-of-rock naysayers, The Veda Rays prove that IT AIN’T OVER YET!”


All Your Pretty Fates (single)

Honey Pot (single)

"Gamma Rays Galaxy Rays Veda Rays" (Full Length)