The Vegans

The Vegans

 Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA

The Vegans are a two man, balls to the wall indie band that can't be described with words. Employing intense guitar work, complex vocal harmonies, a cascade of drums, and a stage show too intense for words, The Vegans create musical euphoria perfect for every occasion.


When The Vegans were formed in late 2009, Nic Gauer and Sam Metzen were already fairly accomplished musicians. Both multi-instrumentalists with vocal experience, the two played with multiple groups of multiple genres prior to the group's formation. Taking their favorite elements of rock, funk, punk, metal, instrumental jazz, vocal jazz, indie, showgaze, and blues, and creating a sound that they could call their own. Sam's raw power and solidity on drums creates a sound powerful enough to shake mountains, and when joined by Nic's raw emotion and energy on guitar, the two generate the sound and performance of five musicians.

Put simply, The Vegans will rock your socks.

Set List

Slightly different every show.
Open to requests.