The Vega Star

The Vega Star

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Beautiful, Haunting, Introspective music.


With whispers of its existence since 2001, The Vega Star was officially introduced to the world in April of 2009 with the release of their debut full length recording The Night. Wonderfully described by Fan-Belts Erin Wolf as: "A gorgeously spacious and mellow dive into the cooler shadows of the waters of indie folk.” Maureen Post of describes the band as: “...Melding a sound both indescribably unusual and assuredly familiar.”

Psych/folk project The Vega Star was formed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2002 by singer/songwriter Justin Rolbiecki. The project was originally based on a collection of dusty lo-fi four track recordings made by Justin the previous year. The early line up included Justin Rolbiecki(vocals, acoustic guitar), John Crockett (bass guitar), Jordan Burich (electric guitar) and Trevor Irish (drums) who was later replaced by Joe Crockett. In 2003 the quartet self recorded and self released a four song self titled EP reminiscent of mid ‘70s era Pink Floyd and mid ‘90s shoegaze. Selling a disappointing 200 copies locally, the band parted ways to pursue other projects. Over the next three years Justin wrote the framework for what was to become a loose concept album about the basic human struggle of good vs. evil. 2006 brought new life to The Vega Star when Justin recruited drummer John Juchemich, Guitarist Jackson Messner and Bassist Benjamin Shaske to help realize the new material. After almost two years of heavy rehearsal and many regional performances and festival appearances, the band began recording in 2008. With the help of new bassist Stephen DeLassus, mezzo-soprano vocalist Shannon Rolbiecki singer/songwriter Kurt Spielmann(Big Magnet) and graphic artist Eric Bailey, The Vega Star crafted their debut 12 song full length album The Night. Released in early 2009 The Night is a sharp divergence from the 2003 EP sighting more ‘60s folk and ‘70s rock influences while still adhering to the original psychedelic musings.


The Night (2009)
The Vega Star E.P. (2003)

Set List

New Album Material

The Shadow
The Collector
The Cell
The Error
The Well
The Others
Dead Winter
The Puppet
The Wicked
The Children
The Night
The Lullaby

Unreleased Material

Baby Blue
Cherry Jane