The Velocet

The Velocet


the velocet is an eclectic blend of high-energy rock antics, modest, self-loathing singer-songwriter contemplation, and poorly considered hairstyles. not for pussies or the faint of heart, but try listening to a few tracks while riding your lifecycle on a saturday morning. might find it suits you.


Michael Davison, lead vocals/guitar of Brooklyn based The Velocet and self-admitted Army brat explains, I must have moved 20 times by the time I finished high school. At the time, it was all I knew. I thought all kids grew up peering through a chain link fence with concertina wire perched on top. Truth be told, the subject matter of A Quick And Dirty Guide To War is less about Davisons inevitable stint as a Marine after college and more about his slugging it out on the streets of New York since having landed there in 2001 disillusioned with all that was behind him.

Joined by Julliard trained guitarist Kris Ricat, former touring drummer for Blur, Joe Propatier and former touring bassist for Brian Jonestown Massacre, Aron Watman, Davison has been creating the kind of passionate post punk rock that has become synonymous with the burgeoning indie scene in NYC, with one exception: The Velocet has actual songs.

The records opening tune Chinatown is a fitting soundtrack for a bittersweet night of bohemian self indulgence and hipster bravado. The follow up Concertina - titled as much for the songs heroine as it is for the cycloned razor wire that lined every Army base backyard Davison grew up on - hangs the listeners ears helplessly on a guitar hook that somehow effortlessly destroys everything it its wake. Ultimately, TheVelocet offer song after song of tuneful and exciting, if not dance/riot inducing, alt-rock on A Quick And Dirty Guide To War; and we happily accept.

Transplanted from the grimy streets of Greenpoint, to the peaceful and scenic town of Rhinebeck, NY by producer and sonic guru Dan Goodwin at The Clubhouse, The Velocet captured everything they envisioned for their debut out on Eyeball Records July 10th. It's consistent from Kris' first guitar line on Chinatown to when Joe throws his drumsticks at the end of Grand Mal. The band will be touring extensively throughout 2007 to bring A Quick And Dirty Guide To War to your living room.


"A Quick and Dirty Guide to War" (2007)
Songs from that record are currently streaming on the internet and being broadcast on various radio stations.

Set List

We typically play a 45-min to 1-hour set, the bulk of which is tracks off our current release.