Think early Built to Spill meets Television, but with a vocal presence reminiscent of The Band. Soaring, veering melodies; juicy, three-part harmonies; pulsing, explosive beats; jagged, shimmery guitar; refreshingly inventive song craft. Oh yes, and a positively, absolutely, destructive live show.


The Veltexan's debut album, "Everything's the Matter," was released in 2007. Tight, punchy rhythms, searing guitars and soaring melodies are neatly packaged into 3-minute, no-frills, angular rock songs. The approach is very minimalist and the songs are heavy, hook-laden tales of everyday fumbling to find a way.

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Modern Belladonna

Written By: zach turner

She's 21, the modern belladonna,
We built her pedestal high with an airbrush.
Nod your head, zombie audience,
Silicone girls with solid-gold hand-bags.

Don't turn away, don't worry about what they say,
And if it's their song, please feel free not to sing along.

She's got video, magazine, radio and reality TV to show her what to be.

Needle shy to a familiar eye,
Food doesn't ever come up anymore.
She's got a fear of cracking looking at a mirror,
She'll make it better by dating a girl.

All by herself, she's walking tall,
She'll have a ball, maybe a couple drinks along the way,
She couldn't pay but she "would pay,"
She doesn't care what tomorrow will say about yesterday.


EP - Hats Off to (Chad) Harper (2005)
LP - Everything's the Matter (2007) and for streams, downloads, vids, etc.

Set List

Typical set includes 12 or so original songs, and about 1 or 2 covers thrown in for homage. The originals I will list (see below), but the covers are ever-rotating, and range from Pavement's "Shady Lanes" to Phil Spector's "I Love How You Love Me." Our originals are "I Hate Breakfast," "Don't Murder Tonight," "Brand-Name Pills," "Perfect Messy Hair," "Photo of Limbo," "Hats Off to (Chad) Harper," "Modern Belladonna," "Abandon Shipwreck," "For All Exploding Hearts," "In a Wheel," "My Heart Needs a Beer," "You Might Feel Some Pain," "Victim vs. Victim," "Fading Fixtures," Suburban Street," "Back Surgery Blues."