The Velvematics

The Velvematics

 Cleveland, Ohio, USA

They are sons of Cleveland’s blue-collar worker. “The Velvematics” can rock you ‘til you drop yet they can play you a slow song that will grab your soul.


We are in a time where society no longer has anything innovative, hip or cool to offer. Real music and originality seem to be a thing of the past. Let’s not forget about “American Idol” stamping out singers in their factory to sing their plastic pop songs. But we are on the verge of a cataclysmic event. Earthquakes, buildings crumble; everything is reduced to debris and rubble. Who is this we see emerging from the ruins? Could they be the new rock-n-roll revolutionaries? “The Velvematics” here to save the world from bubblegum pop music and that same ole’ country song. Donned in all black leather with shirt and tie, they look like characters pulled off the screen at a Quinton Tarentino movie. Their sound is like John Lee Hooker jamming with The Yardbirds. In your face and larger than life, they know how to Rock without forgetting the roll. Formed in 2004 by singer/guitarist Jonnie Vincenzo and bassist Russell Bombik and completed by the addition of traper Chris Gibbs, The Velvematics are poised to take the world by the balls and bring it into the new Rock-N-Roll revolution.
Their debut release “Dialectic Materialism” is to be released august 2006 and is set to overthrow the elite. The album is filled with sounds of both the British Invasion and Blues undertones that you won’t hear anywhere else. This band is set to take over the world and convert everyone into Rock Revolutionaries. Stay tuned; they will be saving a town near you!


Debut Album complete! Dialectic Materialism is Now ready for sale, Check out our myspace page for details.

Set List

Always Changing and Staying Fresh!

The Velvematics Originals

Come and See Me
It's You
She's the One
Liquor Store Lockup
Take A Chance
Little Girl
Blvd of Love
Be My Girl
I Got the Gun


Over Under Sideways Down
Come See Me
Biff Bang
Steppin Stone