The Velvets

The Velvets


The Velvets are here to reacquaint your ears with some bluesy rock 'n' roll. With the tasty guitar work by Jack Roffey, howling vocals by Jim Stirton, and driving rhythms by Joel Martin, these lads play it loud and hard. Gigging regularly, they have a live show you don't want to miss!


The Velvets have been a long time coming. But then again, maybe not. With the release of their debut EP, The Whiskey Sessions, this 3-piece blues/rock outfit is ready to reacquaint your ears with some good old-fashioned rock’n’roll.

Originally from the Sunshine Coast (QLD), The Velvets have played some of Brisbane’s more prominent venues including Ric’s Bar, The Zoo, The Globe and The Step inn just to name a few. After a unanimous band decision, The Velvets have decided it would be best to relocate to Melbourne for its much more band friendly environment.

In the short time being in Melbourne, The Velvets have played such venues as The Espy, The Old Bar, The Empress of India, Victoria Hotel and Gertrude's Brown Couch. Playing as many gigs as humanly possible, The Velvets are gaining many new fans in their new home town.
With plans to record this year for a 2013 release, this band is definitely one to look out for in local bars around Melbourne.


The Whiskey Sessions EP - 2012